This Is What Every Zodiac Sign Needs In A Relationship According To Stars


Libra are all about equality in a relationship. You don’t want to feel like you’re being overly spoiled or the one giving all the attention. Romance in the form of intimate one-on-one dinners and similar atmospheres, as well as equality between you and your partner, will lead to the highest level of happiness.


Scorpios are emotionally reserved and don’t open up easily, so a meaningful relationship will require truth above all else. Having a sense of control from the beginning will enable you to feel more relaxed as you test the waters, get to know someone and ultimately reach a point of closeness and genuine !ntimacy.


The mischief-loving Sagittariuses need a travel companion who will always be up for something new and exciting. Adventure and freedom are the key ingredients for a successful relationship with a Sagittarius, and you need someone who will always stick by your side and is ready to move on to the next greatest thing.


Capricorns are no-nonsense beings who need respect and sincerity in a romantic partner. You may not mind being wrong or having an argument once and a while, but any of the typical guessing games dating couples play are beneath you. You have a strong sense of self and need someone who respects values that quality as much as you do in them.