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7 Hand Stretches To Relieve Inflammation Pain Caused By Arthritis

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7 Hand Stretches To Relieve Inflammation Pain Caused By Arthritis

7 Hand Stretches To Relieve Inflammation Pain Caused By Arthritis 

Of all of the musculoskeletal disorders, Arthritis is the fastest growing, worldwide. This painful, definitively inconvenient condition can affect literally any of the weight-bearing joints of the body and almost always makes performing everyday activities a chore. As with anything, there are secret methods to helping anyone deal with this insidious pain, and in this article, we shall unlock some of these secrets and hopefully help make you are day-to-day a little easier.

Relieve Inflammation Pain Caused By Arthritis

Making a Fist

Who’d have thought that the universal sign of belligerence could also be one for relief? Simply clench and unclench your fist lightly, at least, ten times in order to provide some much-needed relief for arthritis pain. You want to be as gentle as possible so as not to exacerbate the pain, so make sure you don’t ball your fists too tightly. This exercise promotes important muscle loosening while strengthening your hands and fingers as well as promoting a wider range of motion, which reduces pain.

Thumb Stretch

This technique starts with simply having the hand in the handshake position and then bending the thumb as far as you can until it reaches as close to the base of the pinky as possible. As with the previous technique, repeat ten times, while making sure to exercise with each hand. This also promotes a healthy range of motion and flexes inflamed joints.

The Claw

A slightly less martial name that this stretch goes by is the “O” exercise, which helps relieves aching joints. This range of motion improving exercise starts with your hand stretched as if to high-five, simply curl your fingers inwards until they touch, the result should look like a claw or an “O”. Hold this position for ten seconds and repeat for your other hand. Do this a few times a day and you will see results.

Finger Lifts

This exercise relieves sore muscles as well as gives your joints the important exercise that they need in order to reduce inflammation. Simply place your hand palm down onto a flat surface like a table to the shelf. Starting with your thumb, and while keeping your other fingers pressed onto the surface, raise each digit as high as you can while maintaining surface contact with the others. Make sure to do this with both hands.

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Finger Bending

Start this exercise in a similar way to the thumb stretch. Simply outstretch your hand in the handshake position, then rather than touching your pinky finger, have your thumb make contact with your palm. Hold this position for five to ten seconds and slowly release. This really helps apply relief to inflamed thumb joints.

Table Bending

Also, a worthy exercise for hitchhikers, this one simply involves placing your hand in “handshake position” onto a flat surface with your thumb pointed skyward. From here, simply and slowly flex your fingers inwards until a “thumbs up” position is attained, next just return to the starting position and repeat. This one is another great range of motion stretch.

Wrist Stretch

As the wrist is one of the most prevalent locations for arthritis discomfort, this is a great way to ease the pain in that area. Simply outstretch your arm with your wrist pointed downwards and your palm facing your body, from here use your other arm to apply gentle pressure to the downward facing wrist until you feel noticeable stretching. Repeat with both hands and relief will occur.

Other exercises that one can do to help relieve arthritis pain in the hands can include, simply clenching a soft object like a sponge regularly, squeezing a softball to re-strengthen aching joints, using a rubber band to stretch your thumb joints, or even pinching soft putty between your fingers to reduce inflammation. All of these secret stretches can go a long way to bringing some normalcy and painlessness to your everyday routine.

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