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This Single Spice Can Cure Your Toothache

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This Single Spice Can Cure Your Toothache

This Single Spice Can Cure Your Toothache

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You might have cloves in your kitchen pantry because they’re used in many exotic recipes. This basic spice also has the benefit of healing properties when used at the oral level. The inside of your mouth is a large mucous membrane surface. It’s meant to absorb foods and liquids for digestion, but also for taste and touch sensations. If you have a toothache, the pain can feel excruciating because of the sensitive mucous membranes involved. When you match cloves with a toothache, you can feel the healing properties almost instantaneously.


Natural Medicine Advantage

Pharmaceutical companies are constantly developing new medications, but they’re usually based on synthetic ingredients. Your body wasn’t designed to digest these substances. Ideally, you should consume natural substances as much as possible. Controlling toothache pain was usually solved with synthetic pain pills in the past. Cloves are natural plants found in Indonesia where their beneficial oils can be extracted for use inside your mouth, reports the New York Times. Natives in the area used the cloves for various health purposes over hundreds of years.

Why Cloves Work

Clove oil has pain-relieving properties along with an antibacterial component, according to Colgate. Toothaches are often caused by bacteria building up from food and liquid consumption. When cloves are used within the mouth, the oil reacts with the bacteria. As the bacteria dies back, the analgesic properties of the cloves activate to relieve the pain. In the end, you have a natural remedy that combats the bacteria spread while relieving any associated pain.

Scientific Study Regarding Cloves

Scientists are curious about this spice and its real effects on dental patients. There was a study that used a placebo group compared to another group using cloves and other oral remedies. The cloves performed well alongside standard pain-relieving remedies while the placebo group reported a lot of discomfort during their experiences. The study suggested that standard benzocaine and cloves offered nearly the same pain relief for patients. This study is encouraging for people who want a natural way to deal with oral pain.

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How to Apply the Spice

Use only clove oil to treat your toothache. Purchase an oil bottle from the market and insert a cotton swab. Gently rub the swab on your achy gums. Do not use a lot of oil. Only apply enough oil to coat the area with a thin film. It should absorb quickly into the mouth’s mucous membranes. Alternatively, use a small piece of cloth to apply the oil inside the mouth.

Be Aware of Negative Side Effects

Clove oil is a concentrated spice so don’t use a lot of the liquid. Avoid swallowing large quantities of it too. You might experience problems with your respiration or liver when clove oil is ingested in large amounts. If you use the oil on a frequent basis, it’s time to contact a dentist. Clove oil should only be used as a temporary pain-relief measure.

If you’re taking any prescription medications, you should speak to your doctor about clove use before taking it. You want to verify that there are no negative effects if the two substances mix within your body. With your doctor’s approval, cloves for toothaches can help you through an oral issue with little pain involved.


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