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The Way You Carry Your Handbag Says A Lot About Your Personality

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The Way You Carry Your Handbag Says A Lot About Your Personality

The Way You Carry Your Handbag Says A Lot About Your Personality 

When you grab your handbag and run out the front door each morning, you probably never stop to think about what you say to the world by the way you choose to carry your bag. And honestly, who cares, right? Well, someone cared. They cared enough to study it and provide you with the results which will likely lead you to be paranoid about one more thing while you’re getting dressed.


According to Judi James, author of the books The You Code and The Body Language Bible, the way a woman carries her handbag can give the world insight into some of her personality traits. The six main personality traits displayed are spontaneity; confidence; ambition; protectiveness; and assertiveness.

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1. A woman who slings her bag over her shoulder and lets it swing is said to be spontaneous. She lets the world come at her as it may and she goes with the flow.

1 handbag over her shoulder

2. A more assertive and well-organized woman, however, would carry her bag with the straps clutched in her hand and her arm straight down. It’s the female version of a stiff tie wearing man.


3. To spot a confident woman, simply look for one who has her handbag over her shoulder and keeps her hands free. She has to be confident about what is in her bag as well because hands-free means the contents could spill out. Not what I would be looking forward to.

hands free

4. According to author and body language expert, Patti Wood, a handbag held in the crook of an elbow indicates an ambitious and high maintenance woman. She is showing off what she has and what she expects to receive from the world.

handbag held in the crook

5. Watch out, fellas! For the woman who is looking to keep her own assets, she will most likely have her handbag flung over her shoulder and held close to her body. Protection is her M.O.


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6. And in the spirit of making you feel your life could be much better than it is, there is the meaning behind going bag-less. Basically, it signals to others that you are so important you can’t be bothered with mere day-to-day tasks like bag carrying. Surely there’s someone to do that for you.

bag less

Our personalities spill over into each area of our lives whether we want it to or not. Subconsciously, we will always betray ourselves and give the world some kind of clue. Switching up the way you choose to carry your bag, may hide your lack of organization or that you’re a woman of a certain means, but surely the personality trait will still find a way to rear its ugly head in some other area of your life that you haven’t yet thought to worry about. So good luck with trying to throw the world off now that you know how NOT to carry your handbag.

In sum, the way a woman carries her handbag can say a lot about her personality. If you pay close attention to other women and their bags, you may get a quick glimpse into who they are. Women all gawk at the handbags of other women. Just know that someone could be watching you as well and if so, they will know how spontaneous, confident, ambitious, protective or assertive you are… or aren’t.

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