Get Rid Of The Annoying Runny Nose With THIS Massage Technique

Get Rid Of The Annoying Runny Nose With THIS Massage Technique

For many people, having a runny nose is a daily annoyance. The draining and dripping seem to never end, and it’s always necessary to carry around plenty of tissues. According to Mayo Clinic, causes of a runny nose include sinus infections, common colds, flu, hay fever, environmental allergies, food allergies, pet allergies, tobacco smoke, dry air, and more. A runny nose can occur along with or without nasal congestion.

Runny Nose

Conventional treatments for a runny nose include nasal sprays, but these contain harmful ingredients that are not worth the risk. In addition, nasal sprays can have a rebound effect, meaning that your nose may seem better when you’re using them, but when you stop using them the nasal symptoms are even worse than before. This causes the sprays to seem addictive. If you’ve suffered from a persistent runny nose and have tried all sorts of solutions without success, there’s one more possibility that you may not have tried.

Face Massage

A completely natural, safe, effective, and even enjoyable treatment is available that can eliminate the symptom of a runny nose. Even better, it doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t take much time to do. It’s a massage that involves gently pressing on certain specific places on your face.