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What Happens To Your Body If You Combine Your Coffee With Cigarettes

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What Happens To Your Body If You Combine Your Coffee With Cigarettes

What Happens To Your Body If You Combine Your Coffee With Cigarettes

Smoking is a dangerous habit. Drinking coffee can be a dangerous habit. Should they be combined, or should they be left alone?


Smoking can have many various effects on the body, all of them bad. For one, it affects the lungs pretty harshly. The toxins in the smoke create gunk and tar in the lungs, and over time, can cause a condition called emphysema – where the air sacs in the lungs are destroyed. Hair can smell like the smoke even after the cigarette is put out, even if the person doesn’t smoke. Tobacco’s main ingredient – nicotine – is an appetite suppressor, and can create an inability to take all the nutrients you need.

Drinking coffee can stimulate the mood, make you feel less tired for some time, and can help facilitate digestion when drunk after eating. It also helps stimulate the gut and bladder, so waste is pushed out faster. A single cup of coffee can raise blood pressure by about a fraction, and can slow heart rate for a while, but more than a few can give you a faster heart rate. Vision can sharpen and the caffeine will help you breathe easier.

However, the habits are often coinciding in the same person. There was a study in 2004 that looked at how the two habits affected the body. The aorta valve in the heart was the valve they focused on looking at, and they studied the effects of drinking coffee and smoking in healthy young people. The participants were categorized as either coffee drinking smokers, smokers who didn’t drink coffee, coffee drinkers who didn’t smoke, or non-smokers who didn’t drink coffee.

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The effect of the two substances together was much more profound than when the two were done separately. The aorta valve was much stiffer after drinking coffee and smoking than it was after only smoking or only drinking coffee. Considering how many people smoke and drink coffee, this is an interesting find.

For this reason, a natural detoxification program can help get the toxins out. Quitting cold turkey (IE immediately stopping all consumption) is the first step to any successful detox program as it does not add any more to the body. The best thing to do is to introduce small, steady changes as you begin the detox.

For example, adding more vitamin C to the diet can help get rid of toxins in the body from smoking. Drinking water and exercising more can help rid the body of both caffeine from coffee and any toxins left in the body from smoking. Other things that should consider in the fight to detox – when the cravings occur – is to cut a straw into the size of a cigarette and “smoke” that. For coffee, keep a bottle of water on hand in every location where you might be tempted to order or make coffee.

No matter how you break it, a natural detox is one of the best ways to help stop these destructive habits.

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