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Men’s True Thoughts Toward Women Who Make More Money Than Them

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Men’s True Thoughts Toward Women Who Make More Money Than Them

Men’s True Thoughts Toward Women Who Make More Money Than Them

Today’s climes that evoke constant shifts in socio-political-economic paradigms have prompted correspondingly huge adjustment of prevailing attitudes toward conventional gender-based stereotypes. Local neighborhood scenes no longer depict a strict picture of working men with pretty women. Rather, the reverse scenario is fast becoming a standard community landscape fixture. That rapid evolution gives much good cause to pause and wonder if their new environment is permanent or merely transient.

Make More Money Than Them

This puzzling quandary is perhaps best solved by a timeless truth conveyed by that famous sage cliché, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Simply put, some fundamental belief systems are simply too engrained to ever change. Chief among such immutable distinctions is male and female social identity positions. Consequently, the next question is begged about how contemporary men really feel about women who earn more money than them.

Men’s vs. women’s views toward money vastly different

Perhaps the most influential factor in this big differential is emotionally-based. Results from two recent surveys by financial experts revealed startling facts about the vast differences in how men and women feel about money. Noted finance blogger and author Ramit Sethi reported finding that men persistently tend toward high confidence and aggression when it comes to personal finances. By stark contrast, women consistently exhibit anxiety and intimidation when facing major decisions in the same contexts.

Likewise, a retirement planning survey by ING Direct and DailyWorth.com found a whopping 78 percent of married ladies feel less financially savvy and thus relinquish control of such matters to their male spouse or significant other.

Thus, it’s no wonder why the direct converse rule consistently holds true with respect to personal matters of the heart. While boys are taught from birth to equate self-worth with economic wealth, baby girls are brainwashed to believe that money buys security but outward beauty is the sole basis of self-esteem. Which always quickly fades with the passage of time.

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The net result has a negative effect on relationships where traditional roles are reversed. While not readily admitted, most men feel intimidated and resentful when their wives or significant other females out-earn them.

A joint study by the University of Chicago and Singapore economists strongly demonstrated a single common denominator in both seemingly backward trends. Reduced to simplest terms, it translates as recent forward progress in female earning potential that outpaced concurrent slow shifts in social identities of men and women. These diverse speeds create friction with great potential to crash marital partnerships.

Men feel emasculated while women feel neutered

Researchers surmise that a recent overall rise in women’s realistic lifetime earnings makes men feel nervous and a more urgent need to find more urgency to find suitable female partners whom they can safely out earn. Meanwhile, high-earning wives hurry from the office and go right to their kitchen after a hard day’s work to start making dinner for husbands who’ve been home all day long. These so-called ‘superwomen’s’ purported motivation is overcompensation for being too much like a man in the rough and tumble world of business. Mutual resentment and mental turmoil for both parties involved often lead to permanent breakdown that dissolves domestic partnerships.

Recent Pew Research project reveals stay-at-home dads’ real profile

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Per a recent Pew Research publication, our nation’s dads who stay home all day long due to a total lack of paid work during the prior CY have grown by quantum leaps from 1 million in 1989 to double by mid-2014. According to Pew Research authors, this figure reflects a flood of America’s fathers who choose to parent by choice that rose from 5 percent to 21 percent during the same timeframe.

Based on stats like those cited above and very similar reports that various credible sources consistently report, the current emergent stay-at-home dad trend doesn’t portend to end during the near future. Which by itself provides yet another great insight into the way men really feel about women who make more money than them. Why else would so many fathers voluntarily relinquish traditionally coveted roles as primary household breadwinner to let their wives bring home the bacon and fry it up on a pan?

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