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Don’t Let Your Neck Speak Up About Your Age. 6 Beauty Tricks For Neck Wrinkles

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Don’t Let Your Neck Speak Up About Your Age. 6 Beauty Tricks For Neck Wrinkles

Don’t Let Your Neck Speak Up About Your Age. 6 Beauty Tricks For Neck Wrinkles

In our never-ending quest to vanquish face wrinkles, many of us break the bank buying product after product that promises to banish all of our skin aging woes. We slather on sunscreen, eye cream, moisturizers and so on to ward off the telltale signs of the passage of time. No facial products in the world will hold back Father Time if we neglect to treat our necks. Follow the following six steps to make sure your neck doesn’t give away your age.

Your Neck Speak Up About Your Age

Thoroughly and Regularly Exfoliate
Washing your face twice a day is necessary, but it isn’t enough. Most of us vigorously cleanse our faces but neglect our necks. Once or twice a week, make sure you exfoliate your neck to remove the layer of dead skin cells that contribute to dull, lifeless skin. You can use a facial spin brush or gently apply an exfoliating cream to slough off dead cells. Look for a product with glycolic acid that speeds the exfoliation process. Not only will this expose newer, fresher skin, it will also help prepare the skin to better absorb moisturizer.

Reach for Retinoids
After exfoliation, your skin is primed to absorb retinol, the premiere anti-aging ingredient on the market to combat wrinkles. Retinol reduces fine lines, boosts cell turnover, unclogs pores and reduces the appearance of blotchy skin. Since retinol makes your skin more prone to sun damage, skipping sunscreen while using it is a big no-no.

This trick isn’t new, but it’s vital. Don’t abruptly end your moisturizer at your chin. The skin on your neck is thin, and therefore, prone to dryness. Slather your moisturizer all the way down your chest for maximum protection. Since your neck and chest are more prone to dryness, consider using a heavier cream than what you would use on your face.

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Prevent Sun Damage
Before walking out the door, make sure you protect your delicate neck skin with at least an SPF 30 sunscreen that contains zinc and titanium. Apply liberally and re-apply if you’ll be soaking up the sun. If you have acne-prone skin, look for an oil-free product. Boost the effectiveness of your sunscreen by applying a Vitamin C serum to your skin. Studies have shown that Vitamin C fights free radicals, promotes collagen production, and can double the UVA-fighting strength of your favorite sunscreen.

Exercise doesn’t just get us in shape and keep our weight down. It also does wonders for our skin. Research shows that people who exercise regularly have thicker and more elastic skin that those who lead more sedentary lifestyles. Exercising twice a week at a moderate intensity is enough to deliver age-defying results.

Fight Aging from the Inside Out
Diet can play a role in keeping your skin looking its best. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help the body produce collagen, which results in younger looking skin. Avocados, cold-water fish, and flaxseed oil are excellent sources of these fatty acids. Also, try adding a collagen supplement to your diet. These supplements contain hyaluronic acid, which aids the skin in water absorption, leading to plumper looking skin.
Make this fun, an easy mask to firm up your neck at home.

Thoroughly mix half of an avocado, one egg white, a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of milk in a bowl. Apply the paste to your neck and let it sit for 30 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Finish with moisturizer and enjoy the feeling of a silky smooth, firm and beautiful neck.

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