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Unpleasant News For Women Who Wear Yoga Pants All The Time

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Unpleasant News For Women Who Wear Yoga Pants All The Time

Unpleasant News For Women Who Wear Yoga Pants All The Time

In the past few years, athletic clothing has become one of the biggest fashion trends. Items that were once only worn in gyms, such as yoga pants and sports bras, are now common, everyday attire. This trend, which some people call athleisure, may be comfy, but it turns out that it can have many nasty side effects. Dr. Michael Eidelman, a prominent dermatologist from New York has noticed a massive increase in certain conditions due to the growing popularity of athletic clothing.

Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants and Folliculitis:

According to Dr. Eidelman, athletic clothing tends to “hold sweat closer to the skin” which causes a great deal of warmth, moisture, and friction to occur. The tight clothes can often cause folliculitis. Folliculitis happens when hair follicles become inflamed because they are damaged or blocked. Tight clothing can often harm hair follicles, and women who wear sports bras often develop folliculitis on their upper backs. Bicyclists and people who take spinning classes are particularly prone to getting folliculitis on their rear, because the extreme friction can be quite damaging.

Yoga Pants and Fungal Infections:

Many women who constantly wear yoga pants are developing fungal infections from wearing yoga pants. The warm, wet environment of a sweaty pair of yoga pants creates the ideal conditions for the fungi that cause yeast infections to grow. Since most yoga pants are made from synthetic material, yeast infections become even more inflamed. Another fungal infection that affects routine wearers of athletic gear is Tinea Cruris, commonly known as jock itch. These fungal infections can be extremely painful, itchy, and uncomfortable.

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Yoga Pants and Intertrigo:

The moist environments created by constantly wearing yoga pants do not just cause fungal infections. Yoga pants devotees also risk developing intertrigo. Intertrigo is a skin condition that is caused by lack of air circulation and moisture, and it occurs in skin folds and creases, including the inner thigh and below the buttocks.

Gym Mats:

Eidelman says that gym mats can cause just as many problems as gym clothing. Many people do not realize this, but gyms are often soaked in layers of sweat. Eidelman theorizes that the combination of an unclean environment and a wardrobe of tight, non breathable clothing can trigger many issues, including dyshidrotic eczema, a skin condition that causes blisters, and tinea versicolor, an infection that causes white patches on the skin. People even risk developing adult acne along their backs and thighs due to constantly wearing workout gear.

In general, exercise clothing tends to trap sweat, oil, and bacteria against the skin. This causes a variety of unpleasant issues.The biggest problem with yoga pants and other workout clothes is just that they do not let the skin breathe. People who do not shower after going to the gym and continue to wear the same exercise gear are most likely to develop problems. By showering and changing into looser clothing after a big workout, most people can prevent developing harmful medical conditions.

Best Alternatives:

Workout clothing may be cute, flattering, and comfy, but it is necessary to give your skin a break from the fitted clothing. The moisture wicking properties of yoga pants can be more problematic than fashionable in the long run. Fortunately for people obsessed with the athletic trend, there are many loose running shorts and breathable cotton tank tops that accomplish the same effect without exacerbating skin conditions.

[Last Updated on June 16th 2016 By Nima Sheikholeslami, MD.]

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