5 Quick Fixes for Anything that Jiggles

5 Quick Fixes for Anything that Jiggles

5 Quick Fixes for Anything that Jiggles

While we can’t target exactly where we loose fat and jiggling body parts however, we can tailor our workouts to help build more lean muscle in certain spots.

We all have parts that we would like to improve and tone.

How do you get Flab?
Flab is a result of lack of muscle tone but also from the build up excess fat in the body.

Here are some exercises to help you reach your goal of toning up and getting rid of flab:

1. For the dreaded Bra Bulge
I’m referring to the little roll that spills over your bra strap in the back, try bent over rows:


Stand next to a chair with a dumbbell in right hand. place your right hand on the chair and extend left arm towards the floor. Bending elbow out to side, slowly bring weight up to chest. Do two sets of 15 reps on each side.

2. Inner and Outer Thigh Mushiness
The hips and thighs are the first place in women that store fat and the last place to lose fat, try this exercise for great results:

The Four Way Lunge

3. Belly Pooch

Doing planks with a good amount of cardio will flatten your lower abs.


Get in a raised push-up position, with your forearms on the floor, hold the pose with back flat and belly in 30 to 90 seconds.

4. Armpit Overhang

Is the flesh that peeks out over the top of a strapless dress,
this can be fixed and tightened with pushups.

5. Underarm Flab

Some of us dread waving hello and goodbye, but the good news is that triceps respond fast to exercise and fat loss and you can see results fast.

Chair Dips is the perfect exercise to tone your triceps.

Chair Dips

Place your hands on the edge of the seat of a chair and walk your feet out. Slowly lower your butt toward the floor, bending elbows to about a 90 degree angle, press back up.
Do two 15 reps.

Doing these five exercises will help tone you problem areas in no time.