She Put Some Chopped Garlic On A Bandage, See What Happened Next

This is not another freaky story of how some magic potion can change your looks. But, in the case of one woman, unsightly warts did fade away. Warts are not a pleasing sight no matter where they are located, but the nose? Ouch.

She Put Some Chopped Garlic On A Bandage, See What Happened Next

What, Exactly, are Warts?

Warts come from the virus human papillomavirus or HPV. Most commonly found on feet and hands, it is possible to get a wart on your face, or in this particular instance, the nose. Warts may go away by themselves over time, but there are those instances where they just want to hang on. There is really nothing that can be done to avoid warts outside of staying away from rough surfaces, towels or shoes.

The woman did not much care how the cauliflower on her nose appeared as much as she just wanted it gone. A friend suggested that she try a remedy that her grandmother had used, with amazing results. The two women stopped at the local market and headed to the produce aisle. The bin marked ‘fresh garlic’ did not need an introduction. The scent was powerful. The friend picked up a big bulb of garlic and headed to the check out counter.

Once at the friend’s home, the woman with the cauliflower nose began pacing nervously. Garlic? Seriously, garlic? Her friend directed her to a chair and asked her to wait while she tore into the garlic bulb. After the cloves were uncovered, she took one clove, placed in a mortar bowl and proceeded to grind with a wooden grinder.

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