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7 Lies Your Hairstylist Tells You

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7 Lies Your Hairstylist Tells You

7 Lies Your Hairstylist Tells You

If you are like a lot of women, you probably visit your hairstylist at least every couple of months. Even if you are very close to your hairstylist, she may not always be honest with you. Here are seven lies your hairstylist might tell you.

7 Lies Your Hairstylist Tells You

Drugstore Shampoos Are Bad for Your Hair

Most hairstylists will tell you that drugstore shampoos are terrible for your hair and you should only use salon products. The truth is that not all cheaper hair products are bad for your locks. Just make sure your shampoo doesn’t strip your hair of oils.

Trims Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster

If your hairstylist told you that trims make your hair grow faster, she wasn’t being truthful. Although trims make your hair look healthier, they will not help it grow faster.

You Have to Get a Trim Every Six Weeks

If you have a low-maintenance haircut, it actually is not necessary to get your hair trimmed every six weeks. If you rarely heat style or color your hair, you can even go six months without getting a trim.

Fine-Haired Women Should Get Short Haircuts

If you have fine hair, your hairstylist might have told you that you would look better with a short haircut. However, if your hair doesn’t look stringy, you can keep it long.

You Must Use Several Different Styling Products

Another lie your hair stylist might have told you is that you should use several different styling products. However, if you get the right haircut, you really only need one or two styling products at the most.

Brushing Your Hair Often Is Good

Although brushing your hair often can help distribute its natural oils, it isn’t good for fine hair. If your hair is fine or fragile, brushing it often can cause damage.

You Shouldn’t Trim Your Split Ends Yourself

If you have a pair of sharp scissors, you can easily trim your split ends at home. If your hair is prone to split ends, you can cut them yourself.

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