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This Answers Every Question You’ve Ever Had About Your Breasts

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This Answers Every Question You’ve Ever Had About Your Breasts

This Answers Every Question You’ve Ever Had About Your Breasts

The human breast comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each is unique. While every woman has a pair that’s individual to them, they likely share a lot of questions asked by others throughout the ages. It’s important to understand your breasts in order to live a happy and healthful life, and we’ve answered some of those questions you’ve never asked.

This Answers Every Question About Your Breasts You've Ever Had

Are Lumps and Bumps Always a Sign of Cancer?

While lumps that remain are a serious sign for concern, lumps and bumps are usually nothing to be concerned with. In fact, fibrocystic breast changes impact more than 50 percent of women at some point in life, and these are fluid-filled cysts that are harmless and very lumpy. Common between the ages of 20 and 50, the most likely time to notice their manifestation is around the time of menstruation. There are signs to look for that a lump is a sign for concern including:

-Worsening pain

What Constitutes the Breast?

Breasts are known to play two primary roles, and those are breastfeeding and foreplay. Keeping this in mind, it’s easy to understand what makes up the structure of the breast. Within each nipple are 15-25 milk glands connected to milk ducts, and connective and fatty tissue are the glue that holds them all together.

The sensitivity in breasts that can lead to arousal is largely due to the fact that breasts also contain many nerve endings. According to New Scientist’s Linda Geddes, MRI imaging has shown a direct link between the genitals and nipples in women.

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How Can My Diet Impact My Breasts?

You are what you eat, and there are changes you can make in your diet that will have a direct impact on your breasts. In order to best ensure breast health, the following should be incorporated into your daily diet:

-Beans and other legumes

How Can I Prevent Sagging?

There are many myths when it comes to sagging breasts, and the most common is that wearing a standard bra consistently will reduce this unwanted occurrence. While they do temporarily hold your breasts up, they haven’t shown to prevent sagging. Breasts begin to sag as collagen and elastin break down, and there are two effective ways you can prevent this:
-Use sunscreen
-Wear a sports bra if you engage in high-intensity workouts

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What Causes Breast Tenderness?

Breast tenderness is most often attributed to menstruation and pregnancy. However, there are less commonly known factors that are often to blame. For instance, there is evidence that strongly suggests caffeine can induce breast pain. Furthermore, if you workout, what seems to be breast pain you’re experiencing may actually be sore pectoral muscles, and this is common if you do lots of pushups or other chest exercises.

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