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See How She Made Her Lips Look BIGGER In 5 Minutes

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See How She Made Her Lips Look BIGGER In 5 Minutes

See How She Made Her Lips Look BIGGER In 5 Minutes

Are you looking to get those Kylie Jenner lips without having to spend thousands of dollars on lip plumpers? Well, follow these simple steps and your lips will look twice as plump in only 5 minutes! All you need is some cinnamon and vaseline.

Make Your Lips Look BIGGER in 5 Minutes

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It’s a do it yourself lip plumper. Simply mix one part of each and spread it on your lips. You can notice it working as you will feel the mixture tingling on the skin. Just leave it on for a minute as it helps plump your lips then wipe it off with a makeup remover. Afterwards, you can apply lip liners to give your lips an even more luscious look.

Check out the video for easy, step-by-step instructions.

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