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Find Out What’s Your Mandala Match: The Journey To Self-Discovery

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Find Out What’s Your Mandala Match: The Journey To Self-Discovery

Find Out What’s Your Mandala Match: The Journey To Self-Discovery

Discover and enlighten your inner voice through the practice of mandala meditation. What once started in ancient India and other eastern religions, has now swept into western and secular cultures as a way to achieve enlightenment and a spiritual connection with the universe. The meaning of mandala as told through Sanskrit translates to the meaning “circle”.

Although, each mandala is structurally different and designed to be representative of the visual elements that symbolize the balancing of unity and harmony. It has also been said to represent the non-material reality including the elements of nature in which influence spiritual guidance. Ultimately, the mandala is used as a spiritual tool to help connect cosmic and psychic order.

The practice of mandala meditation is a simple and relaxing process that begins with choosing a mandala that speaks to your heart and then focusing on its structural components and becoming lost within the picture. This should allow your mind to meander through creative and intuitive thoughts as your color or stencil in the lines in turn helping quiet the anxious voice inside your mind. It is intended to be a hypnotic process that frees your mind and lets its more creative side take control.

Wondering what’s your mandala match? It’s pretty simple. Close your eyes for a few seconds and then just choose one. Each has a separate meaning and once you’ve chosen a mandala that speaks to you, then set your intention and begin focusing your energy on that. Soon your creative spirit will be soaring through the page and coloring intricate designs and connecting with your more spiritual self. Here are the different meanings of the elemental mandalas which should help guide your through this meditative journey.

1.) Harmony
This mandala is representative of the swan spirit energy. It focuses on the elements of ying and yang and places a specific reminder on the importance of balance. Choosing this mandala may be a sign that you may need to reprioritize certain aspects in your life.

2.) Healing
There are noticeable elements contained within this mandala that show that all points lead to one root cause. Its focus is on the spirit element and captures the frog spirit energy. If you chose this mandala, it could mean there is a part of your life or spirit that may need healing.

3.) Intuition
This mandala carries the spirit of the owl and helps seek light within the dark. If you’re considering this mandala, your spirit may be asking you to trust yourself and listen to your intuitions.

4.) Vision
Known for its spirit energy of the white tiger, the vision mandala is there to help carry out your intentions and create a clear picture of your spiritual journey. This is perfect for someone who is seeking to make changes within their future.

5.) Forgiveness
This mandala shows that all feelings are pumping through one distinctive area, usually the heart. It’s representative spirit animal, the dog, distinguishes companionship and compassion. If you’re considering this mandala your spirit may be asking you to seek out your issues and search for forgiveness.

6.) Communication
Guided by the spirit animal of the whale, this mandala seeks to bring out truth and balance. When choosing this mandala, your spirit may be asking that you speak your true message from your heart or gracefully deliver a story that is meaningful to you.

7.) Carrying the spirit of the dragonfly
This element helps find new opportunity and the ability to think outside the box. A perfect mandala for exploring your more imaginative a creative side.

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8.) Love
This mandala has four arrows pointing to the core symbolizing to look within yourself to nurture and admire. Represented by the spirit animal the seahorse, this mandala is perfect for those seeking love and companionship.

9.) Compassion
Representing the spirit animal of the elephant, it practices compassion and connection with one’s community. If you’re considering this mandala, it could be a sign that you need to listen to your own heart.

10.) Strength
Ruled by the bold strength of the eagle, this mandala explores sight, clarity, and intention. If you’ve chosen this mandala it could signal that it is time to face your fears or finally take charge of what you rightfully deserve.

11.) Inspiration
Connected to the beauty and presence of the peacock, this mandala helps those who need to take deep look around them and commemorate the world’s vast and rich beauties.

12.) Protection
Ruled by the protective spirit of the bear this mandala represents standing your ground. If you’ve considered this mandala, it could be a sign that you need to be more selective with your spiritual powers.

13.) Confidence
This is a sign that you may need to seize any upcoming opportunities. Lead by the spirit of the lion, this mandala is representative of radiating confidence and charm.

14.) Motivation
It’s time to take action and discover what elements drive your needs. This mandala is ruled by the horse which focuses on elements of swiftness and determination. If you’ve chose this mandala, your spirit could be asking you to find your inner strength and motives.

15.) Transformation
Connected to the spirit animal of the snake, this mandala signals change. If you’re considering this one it may signal that you need to find your inner flame and finally make a change within yourself.

16.) Opportunity
With the spirit of the woodpecker, this mandala signifies one to seize the day. It empowers elements of determination and influence. Choosing this mandala may be your spirit’s way of asking you to be unafraid of approaching new opportunities.

17.) Creation
Ruled by the orangutan, this mandala expresses self-expression and productivity. If you’re choosing this one, your spirit may be telling you to express your inner creativity and to increase your productivity.

18.) Gratitude
Encompassed by the buffalo, this mandala represents deep connection and respect. Your spirit may be asking you to take a long look at the things you are grateful in your life and to recognize and appreciate them.

19.) Instinct
Carried by the powerful spirit animal, the shark, this mandala represents compelling intention and primal knowledge. If you’re choosing this mandala is may be a sign that you need to follow your gut instincts and refocus.

20.) Connection
This mandala symbolizes life and deep roots and is carried by the spirit of the wolf. If you’re considering this mandala, your spirit may be asking you to reconnect with yourself. This is great for tapping into your internal wisdom and exploring a deeper connection with yourself.

Whether you’re seeking answers, or simply want to participate in a meditative process, mandala meditation is an ample way to connect to your inner spirit. With many different designs to choose from, each will help empower and heighten your senses to help achieve enlightenment. The understanding of mandala will help you to better understand reality and the universe as a whole. Go ahead, free yourself!

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