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Here Is How The Ideal Woman Looks Like, According To Men And Women

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Here Is How The Ideal Woman Looks Like, According To Men And Women

Here Is How The Ideal Woman Looks Like, According To Men And Women

We all have things we would like to change about the way we look. We also have an idea of what true beauty looks like, and what the ideal of female beauty, in particular, means. Recently, Escentual.com asked a group of women and a group of men to identify the best features of some female celebrities to help piece together “the perfect woman”. The results were not exactly what they expected!

Ideal Woman Women

Ideal Woman Men

The Experiment

A select group of men and women were asked to look at female celebrities and choose the best features, the kind of features that they would place if they were building a perfect woman. The choices between the two genders was pretty disparate. Except for both men and women choosing Mila Kunis’ eyes, all of the other features vary. For the most part, men seemed to choose larger features, while women preferred finer, more delicate ones.

In another, similar study, men also chose blond hair as in this study, while women stuck to darker brunette shades. For men, the strongest and most pronounced parts of Angelina Jolie’s face make up the most attractive foundation for the perfect woman’s face, while for women, a less pronounced look is what they consider beautiful.

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The foundation of the face is the bone structure and in this, as in pretty much every other aspect of this experiment, women and men differ. Men want a stronger profile like Angelina Jolie’s, while women opted for Keira Knightley’s bone structure. Noses are also different for both genders, with men choosing Miranda Kerr’s smaller nose to women’s choice of Blake Lively’s. With hair, too, the differences are extreme, since men prefer the curly locks of Shakira to Frieda Pinto’s straight hair.

What the Results Mean

The two very different faces of beauty that women and men put together choosing from celebrity features gives us an idea of the disparity of what beauty means these days. It is easy to see that women would most likely choose to get nose jobs or lip enhancements to look more like their chosen celebrities. This is no real surprise, since rhinoplasty is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery as of today. If men had to choose which enhancement they would prefer, the results of this experiment points to lip enhancements and perhaps even cheek ones, as well, since they like sharper features and more pronounced features.

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Neither of the two images put together by men and women is a natural-looking face. They both have an eerie quality that makes them look manufactured. This shows that perfection of features is not everything. Sometimes the flaws in our own faces are what makes us look interesting and real. A study like this helps to prove that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

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