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10 Scientific Reasons Men Lose Weight Easier Than Women

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10 Scientific Reasons Men Lose Weight Easier Than Women

10 Scientific Reasons Men Lose Weight Easier Than Women

It is not simply an old wives’ tale that it is harder for women to lose weight than men. These 10 scientific reasons have been proven that this long-debated source of frustration for many women is in fact true.


1. Men are typically larger to begin with; therefore, they already burn more calories per hour than women.

2. Men have more muscle mass, thus allowing them to burn more calories even as they sit and even as they sleep.

3. The natural steroid testosterone allows men to more easily build muscles which adds to their already naturally larger muscle mass and, again, burns even more fat and calories.

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4. Many women focus strictly on cardio rather than additionally to focus on building muscle tone through weight lifting or weight resistance. If women were to concentrate more on building muscle, they would more easily burn calories resulting in greater weight loss.

5. The hormones that tell one’s body it is full or hungry differ between men and women. In women, the leptin hormone, which tells the body it is full, drops after exercise; whereas, the ghrelin hormone, which tells the body it is hungry, rises in women after exercise. This does not occur in men.

6. Monthly water retention and fluctuations in hormones can prevent weight loss in women. This also does not occur in men. Because of this monthly weight loss hindrance, women are often encouraged to consider body fat percentage rather than simply weight to see more accurate results and progress.

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7. Because of the fat-storing and retaining design of a woman’s body, women burn fat differently. Women tend to lose weight from the top down.

8. And, a woman’s body is designed to store and retain fat in highly specific areas for childbearing purposes. A man’s body does not store fat this way. A woman’s body will actually fight harder to keep this fat unlike with men.

9. It has been proven that women are more inclined to be drawn to foods high in sugar and fat which only adds to the challenges their bodies already provide.

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10. Women are also be more likely to eat for mental or emotional reasons such as to match the food their partner consumes in a new relationship or to eat during emotional stressful situations. Emotional eating is often, once again, linked to fatty and sugary foods.

What is the most interesting response you have heard or given pertaining to reasons men lose weight more easily than women that was likely pure conjecture?

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