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Read Chinese Face Map To Understand What Your Body Fights With

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Read Chinese Face Map To Understand What Your Body Fights With

Read Chinese Face Map To Understand What Your Body Fights With

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Sometimes it becomes easy to think that our ancestors were healthier than we are today. In fact, many ancient health systems maintain that our body, our face and our whole environment is actually one vast interconnected organism. This organism is continually communicating and interacting with the shared goal of maintaining our optimal health.Chinese face mapping is one such ancient technique that proposes a method to explain health issues by reading facial zones.While face mapping originated as early as 2697 B.C., many of the world’s most respected modern health practitioners continue to cite the value of learning to read this map, which is one facet of the greater Chinese health system called Mien Shiang.

Chinese Face Map

Two Ways to Read a Chinese Face Map

In this post, we will use this example of a Chinese Face Map as our guide. Just by glancing at this map, it becomes easy to see how the human face is divided into zones that correspond with other areas of the human body.

There are two ways to use this map: preventative and curative. If you don’t have any current health issues you are struggling with, but you have certain known health issues that run in your family, you can remain aware of these issues and alert to any facial changes in zones that correspond to those issues.

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If you are currently fighting off a health issue elsewhere in your body, you can read this map to understand which facial zone that health issue may correspond to and what approach to take to heal your body.

Facial Cues for Body Health

The face is such a good indicator of health issues elsewhere in the body precisely because of the luminosity of facial skin.

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Here is a primer you can use to learn to read your own face map:

– Eyes. A yellowish tone to the eyes can indicate liver issues.
– Nose. A reddish tone or red lines on the nose can indicate heart issues.
– Cheeks. More or less hollow-looking cheeks can indicate lung issues.
– Lips. Changes in the structure of the upper lip can indicate hormonal issues.
– Brows. Brow thickness and direction of hair growth can indicate more or less mental focus, energy and stability of mood.
– Chin. A reddish or swollen chin can indicate organ or digestive weakness.
– Facial structure. Corresponds to different elements (water, earth, fire, wood, metal).

Skin Tone is its Own Face Map

The tone of the skin – its degree of clarity, smoothness and evenness – also serves as its own road map interconnected with each specific area on the face. The presence of blemishes, discoloration, bumps or blotches can signal other imbalances, such as lack of sleep, improper nourishment/hydration, too much caffeine and internal stressors.

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What About Contraindications?

To date, the Chinese face mapping system has been in use for more than 3,000 years. No known contraindications exist at this time, but it is important to use face mapping as one facet in a greater holistic approach to natural health and healing.


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