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Here Is Why More Men Are Sitting Down To Pee!

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Here Is Why More Men Are Sitting Down To Pee!

Here Is Why More Men Are Sitting Down To Pee!


Ah, it is the age old question, to sit or not to sit while peeing? The great urination debate has been on the minds of men everywhere, yet it is the elephant in the room no one speaks of. Fear not, male friends; we will lay it all on the line here so you can decide what is best for you in the bathroom!

Here Is Why More Men Are Sitting Down To Pee!

To start, why would one even think of sitting to pee when they are in possession of such a convenient built-in disposal system that allows them to skip a step and save precious moments? The main argument most would have is that hygiene is of utmost importance. Unfortunately standing up to relieve the bladder can sometimes be detrimental to even the most hygienic man.

An aim is a problem that men face day in and day out in their bathroom struggles. Steady streams can become wayward flows in the blink of an eye. No one can deny that urine splatters everywhere, sometimes even pooling in the most distressful way around toilets and urinals. Of course this situation is not ideal, especially if you are particularly fond of your shoes. Then there is man’s arch nemesis – the dreaded zipper. This multi-toothed devil in blue jeans seems to lure its victim out of its protective cave like the call of a mermaid to a fisherman (just with more pain!).

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Those reasons alone would seem to be enough to make men everywhere take a seat and enjoy their time without hesitation. So many men prefer to stand, however, that perhaps a more thorough look into the health benefits of sitting should be looked into.

1 – First of all, while urine is sterile and does not pose a problem to public health, no one wants to smell it, see it or step in it. If you are married or living with your significant other, your health will not be compromised at their hands when you choose to sit and avoid the spray and impending doom that could ensue after.

2 – Urinating while sitting allows your bladder to fully empty, which is excellent news for the prostate. Since prostate cancer is diagnosed at a rate of 137 per 100,000 men per year, taking care of this vital sex organ is a must.

3 – As mentioned, the prostate is a requisite part of a man’s reproductive system. No man wants to have any issues performing in the bedroom, and by keeping the prostate healthy by completely voiding your bladder every time, you may be helping to ensure a longer and healthier romantic life.

It seems that sitting would be the way to go. Nevertheless, there are many conflicting arguments with these theories. Some say that there is no correlation between standing or sitting and your romantic life. Others say there is no benefit to sitting other than personal comfort. So for now, the jury is out. The urination style you prefer in the bathroom is the one you should stick with!

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