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8 Things Your Man Thinks About You But Won’t Say Out Loud

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8 Things Your Man Thinks About You But Won’t Say Out Loud

8 Things Your Man Thinks About You But Won’t Say Out Loud

Drop the Salad Fork

Unless you have food allergies or truly have a small stomach, don’t order a salad. Men like women who aren’t afraid to themselves and actually eat on a date. With this said, feel free to order that banana split ladies.

Your Man Thinks About You But Won't Say Out Loud

Make a Move

While it’s nice to be courted and wooed, men also think women who make the first move are hot. Granted, doing this within the first few minutes of meeting probably won’t go over too well, but if you and your new beau have been going out for a while, it’s okay to be the aggressor.

Be a Boss in the Boudoir

Men want a woman who isn’t afraid to tell them what they want. A major pet peeve of men is that women don’t speak up in the bedroom. No man wants a drill sergeant ordering him to bend over or stand up, but they want a woman who is confident enough to tell them what feels good and what doesn’t.

Be Your Beautiful Self

Don’t complain about your physical appearance to your man. If you have a gripe, save it for girl’s night out. Men are attracted to many different types of women, and if he is with you, it’s because he thinks you are a beauty. Don’t bore him with complaints.

Skip the Mini

If you want a guy to take notice of you for you, skip the low-cut top and thigh-high mini and go for something a tad more elegant. Although showing what your mamma gave you will get men to look at you, they won’t truly notice you. Men are attracted to women who can dress elegantly and hot. Uniqueness also ranked high when men were asked about women’s attire. Word to the wise, that last sentence doesn’t mean to show up in a dress made of meat. Lady Gaga is the only person who can pull that off.

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Order Please

Women who order something more than a white wine spritzer score big points with men. These chaps love a lady who knows how to order a drink. Demonstrating your independence and confidence is key.

Keep it Short

If a man sends you a text, don’t respond with a novel. Men want a response, but not one that he needs 20 minutes to read. Keep it short and sweet.

More Than a Pretty Face

Men don’t only desire women with the a face and body of a supermodel. While physical beauty is important to them, they really want a woman with substance. A woman who can hold an engaging conversation with diverse interests will get the blue ribbon every time.

When it comes to playing the dating game, the best route to go is simply be yourself. Men like women who can laugh at themselves and are self-confident.

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