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7 Weird Things Your Eyebrows Say About Your Personality

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7 Weird Things Your Eyebrows Say About Your Personality

7 Weird Things Your Eyebrows Say About Your Personality

The ancient Egyptians used kohl to darken their eyebrows. Seventeenth-century women wore mouse hide eyebrow “wigs”. Today’s culture bleaches, plucks, waxes and darkens eyebrows. It seems like humans have always found a way to change their eyebrows so that they are “more attractive” (I’ll let you form your own opinions on that one). Eyebrows can be a fashion statement or even an art form. However, no matter how you view your eyebrows, one thing remains true- your eyebrows can say a lot about you.

Eyebrows Say About Your Personality

Short Eyebrows
If you have shorter eyebrows, it is likely that you don’t handle stress well; whether in your personal life or in the life of others. You prefer a more relaxed, laid-back, stress-free, worry-free environment.

Long Eyebrows
As you may have guessed, long eyebrows say the opposite of short eyebrows. If you have long eyebrows, you handle stress well. You may even thrive in stressful situations. You are a competitive, hard worker that can handle even the biggest of jobs. You also don’t mind listening to your friends’ problems and helping to find solutions.

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Peaked Eyebrows
If your eyebrows have high, pointed arches, you are a fun-loving, outgoing person who thinks fast and talks faster. You love to be spontaneous and need near-constant stimulation to keep you entertained and interested. You also have a great sense of humor, but may be over-emotional, at times.

Nearly Straight
People with little or no arch to their brow tend to be very logical. You think through all of your options before making a decision and are not usually very emotional.

Low Arch
Low arches tell others that you are a friendly, easygoing and approachable person. When you make a promise, you are sure to keep it. People tend to be drawn to you and stay by your side.

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Thin Arches
You are cautious and believe what others tell you. You always see the best in people and are a firm believer in second chances. You are not quick to judge anyone. You tend to be rather unsure and live cautiously.

Naturally Full Eyebrows
You are confident and determined. Once you have set your mind to something, you do it. This makes you incredibly reliable.

No matter the shape of your eyebrow, it will say something to someone. Next time you go to wax or pluck, keep these in mind.

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