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Speed Up Your Fat-Loss By Following These 4 Fitness Hacks

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Speed Up Your Fat-Loss By Following These 4 Fitness Hacks

Speed Up Your Fat-Loss By Following These 4 Fitness Hacks

For many of us, establishing a consistent healthy routine is tough. You might be well-intentioned and sincere in your efforts, but sometimes that alone isn’t enough. Fortunately, there are a few small lifestyle changes you can make that will turn fitness and well-being into an easier, more fun experience that isn’t quite so daunting. Whether it’s switching up your beverage of choice, or simply diversifying your exercise routine, you can set yourself up with the tools to meet your fitness goals.

4 Fitness Hacks

Check out these four fitness hacks to start losing weight today!

  1. Green Tea Is Your Best Friend

While you might sweat buy your daily three cups of coffee, you’re not doing yourself any favors in the fitness and weight loss department. If you’re really serious about shrinking your waistline, try switching your morning espresso out for a steaming cup of green tea Aside from substantially reducing your caloric intake by cutting out cream and sugar, green tea can boost your metabolism and help your burn calories at a faster rate. Oh, and it naturally provides just about the same rush of caffeine that you’d get from your coffee. So tell us, why haven’t you switched over to this miracle drink again?

  1. Segment Your Workouts into Sets

We understand that implementing a workout routine into your life is hard. For those just getting started with a new exercise regimen, one of the most commonly reported complaints is that they got too exhausted too quickly and are unable to endure the entire duration of the workout session. Instead of trying to keep up with your Insanity instructor, you should try segmenting your workout into sets, with enough time to recuperate between them.

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If you’re headed to the gym, try warming up with a light jog on the treadmill or around a track. Take a five to ten-minute breather while you stretch, then move on to your weight training and machines. If you’re going for a varied workout, try taking another break with a shower and then hop in the pool for a few laps. Then after that, you can end your workout with a cool down. You’ll that you won’t be as fatigued throughout your workout session if you give yourself some time to step back and breathe. This will result in a longer, more productive session.

  1. Sign Up for Dance Fitness Classes

What’s the best way to exercise without even realizing it? Try signing up for dance fitness classes with a program like Bombay Jam. It’s a fun way to get active and enjoy a social workout. If you need a social component to get yourself motivated, dance workouts are a great opportunity to meet people in a lively and supportive environment, where everyone is there to get healthy and have fun. You don’t have to have an incredible athleticism to get started, and you can have fun and dance your way to the body you want.

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  1. Don’t Skip Meals

While it may sound a tad counterintuitive, you will always to be better off by sticking to a consistent dietary routine than by skipping meals to try to lose weight. By going long stretches of time without eating, you’re telling your body to slow down digestion. From a physiological standpoint, your body will think that it needs to enter “starvation mode” and start conserving calories. From a mental standpoint, your resolve will weaken resulting in the temptation  to cheat on your healthy diet with midnight snacking. Don’t let yourself get enamored by the idea of saving 600 calories a day by skipping dinner—because it’s simply too good to be true.

Adopt these four fitness hacks and the weight will start falling off in no time! Stay consistent with these habits and over time you’ll start to look and feel like a healthier you.

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