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6 Signs You’ve Abandoned Your Friends for Marriage

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6 Signs You've Abandoned Your Friends for Marriage

6 Signs You’ve Abandoned Your Friends For Marriage

Getting married is one of the biggest milestones in a person’s life, but just because you’ve found “the one” doesn’t mean you should forget about all your other friends who were there before you became a doting wife! Friends are an integral part of our social wellbeing, and not having anyone to talk to besides your honey can actually prove harmful to your relationship.

If you and your boo are still basking in the echoing chimes of wedding bells, you may be neglecting other relationships that you need to get back on track. Here are six signs that you’ve ditched your friends for marriage and how to make things right.

6. You Never See Them

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s actually surprising how many newlyweds or even long-term spouses will go oblivious to the fact they haven’t spent time with anyone besides each other for months. If the last time you went out with your girlfriends was more than four weeks ago, you should consider picking up the phone and arranging a get together.

5. You Only Go Out With Other Couples

When your friends are married, or you make new friends who are, it becomes an easy habit to forget about your former companions and stick to activities that other couples enjoy. But this can be just as bad as hanging out with just your spouse. Everybody needs alone time and time with friends, so cancel the next double dinner date and go to a movie with your friends. No husbands allowed.

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4. Your Calender is Empty

You may not have been Miss Congeniality before you tied the knot, but surely you can look back on your single or dating days and recall getting together with friends during the weekend or grabbing a drink after work. If you look at your calendar and find that you no longer have anything planned other than work and time at home with your husband, you should consider getting back in touch with your friends and scheduling a day out together.

3. Your Friends No Longer Compliment You

When you first got engaged and after your wedding, your friends probably couldn’t stop gushing. But when the good wishes have run dry, and you find that no one comments on your cute Facebook couple photos or has anything to say about your relationship, it’s probably a sign that they’ve gotten their fill and you need to focus on making memories with people other than your partner.

2. Your Husband is Also Your BFF

Your spouse should absolutely be your best friend, but he shouldn’t be your only best friend. If he’s the first person you ask about a pair of jeans, to come with you to a yoga class or to share the latest bit of office gossip, you’ve probably lost contact with your girlfriends and need to give them a call ASAP. Remember, while they’re missing out on everything in your life, you’re equally missing out on everything in theirs.

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1. You Just Don’t Talk to Anyone Anymore

If the only people you talk to are colleagues, your parents and your spouse, it’s time to go through your contacts and send some texts. And maybe issue an apology or two. It can be easy to get swept up in the waves of a new marriage and eternal love, but real friends offer support and guidance that we need just as much as our spouse’s. If you’ve found that you’ve left all your friends behind in the wake of holy matrimony, make an effort to hang out more, whether it’s for an afternoon coffee, hitting the gym after work or signing up for a weekly class together. Also, make sure that your husband hasn’t done the same.

Guys and gals need quality time with the same $ex to gab, gossip and just be themselves. Spending time with others will not just make you and your spouse happier, but it will also give you fun things to share with one another, leaving you both refreshed and renewed in your relationship.

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