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Why Is My Husband Losing Weight Faster Than I Am?

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Why Is My Husband Losing Weight Faster Than I Am?

Why Is My Husband Losing Weight Faster Than I Am?

Do you have a husband or partner who seems to lose extra weight with ease while you struggle to shed even a few pounds? Perhaps you’ve watched as he indulged on all sorts of junk food while you dieted, only to find that his weight was still healthier than yours. Or perhaps you’ve both embarked on a journey to lose those extra pounds but have found that he seems to be the only one succeeding in this endeavor.

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First of all, let me assure you that this isn’t just your imagination. Men and women have different bodies and hormones, and these do affect weight loss. Although some women may find that it’s easier for them to lose weight than it is for their husbands, the opposite is generally true. Here are some of the reasons why most women have a harder time losing weight than men do.

Food Preferences
Men and women often prefer different types of foods. Men tend to eat more meats and proteins while women often gravitate towards fruits and vegetables. Different eating habits will obviously affect your weight and metabolism.

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Body Composition & Metabolism
Because of the demands of pregnancy and childbirth, women’s bodies naturally store more fat, than men’s bodies. Even women who are at their optimal weight will have a higher percentage of body fat than men do. While some fat is healthy, however, the fact that women are predisposed to store it can make it harder to lose excess fat.

Besides this, studies have found that men and women metabolize foods differently. While men and women burn almost the same amount of fat cells while exercising, men burn significantly more carbs and proteins.

Reaction to Stress & Emotional Eating
While both men and women encounter stressful events and circumstances throughout their lives, both groups react and cope differently. Women are more likely to resort to drinking when stressed and emotion-driven eating while depressed. Furthermore, childhood stress has been linked to obesity in women, but there is no such link between in men.

Increased Cravings
You likely know of the stereotypes about women craving chocolate and other foods, especially while dealing with PMS, pregnancy, or nursing. However, even without these factors involved men generally have an easier time dealing with cravings than women do. While men are able to suppress hunger, women are not, which makes them more susceptible to cravings and off-diet “cheating”.

Knowing all of this might not make the numbers on your scale go down any faster, but it can help you relax and know that there are reasons behind your more gradual weight loss. Stick to your diet and exercise and you will see your efforts pay off in the long run.

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