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Why Our Bodies Redistribute Fat as We Age, and How to Prevent It

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Why Our Bodies Redistribute Fat as We Age, and How to Prevent It

Why Our Bodies Redistribute Fat as We Age, and How to Prevent It

The aging process is different for every person. There is a variety of factors that go into how well a person will age. One of the universal traits of aging is when our body starts redistribute fat as we age. However, the good news is that there are some methods that people can use in order to combat this process.

Why Does Fat Redistribute

There are many reasons why fat goes into different places in the body as a person ages. One of the primary reasons is hormonal changes in the body. For example, as the male ages he will naturally produce less testosterone. This transition from testosterone to some estrogen production means that a male will produce more fat around the breast area. Females will generally see a buildup of fat around their midsection and hips. This has two primary causes, one of which is childbirth and the other is hormonal changes.

Hormonal changes and genetics will naturally put fat in different places as a person ages. However, there are also lifestyle factors that come into play as well. Many people are not nearly as active as they age. This leads to less muscle being produced throughout the body. Females generally do not have an interest in lifting a lot of weights to exercise. However, this is one of the best exercises to preserve muscle mass. Males generally do much more sitting as they age. This leads to the muscles in their buttocks being stretched and thinned. A lot of these changes can be combated with simple lifestyle changes:

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Exercise is vital to stay young and healthy. There are several different types of exercise that can help a person’s body look younger. For both men and women, it is important to incorporate some sort of lifting regimen to their exercise program. Lifting weights will increase testosterone in the body. Not only will this help the body hold on to muscle mass, but it will help with energy levels as well. Exercise also has several positive effects on the cognitive thinking of people. This becomes more important as a person ages and wants to stay sharp. After the age of sixty it becomes difficult to build new muscle in the body. At this stage, it is essential to lift weights in order to preserve the muscle mass that is left.

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The way a person eats will also have a large effect on how they age. The body responds to how it is fed. Energy levels are generally lower as a person ages, so it is important to tweak the diet in a way that will produce higher energy levels. This can be accomplished by eating natural foods with no preservatives. High-fat diets are generally looked down upon by many people, but there are natural fats that can boost energy levels. These fats can be found in foods like salmon, avocado, and almonds. A healthy diet should be combined with an aggressive exercise program for the best results.

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