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Here Are Novak Djokovic Food Secrets That Makes Him A Champ

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Here Are Novak Djokovic Food Secrets That Makes Him A Champ

Here Are Novak Djokovic Food Secrets That Makes Him A Champ

Novak Djokovic’s success in the world of tennis took years of practice and a large amount of talent. Djokovic also credits his diet for helping him rise to his number one ranking. The following are a few of the champ’s favorite diet tips. While they do not guarantee you a grand slam, the tips can certainly aid you in adopting a healthier lifestyle.


Start your day with a glass of room-temperature water. You’ve gone eight hours without eating or drinking anything. Your body is dehydrated and needs fluids to begin functioning at its best. Drinking the water at room temperature will keep your body from diverting blood from your muscles to your digestive system to warm it to 98.6 degrees.

Go Gluten-free:

Djokovic removed wheat, barley, and rye from his diet after discovering he had a gluten-sensitivity in 2010. Djokovic claims his allergies have improved and that he no longer suffers from chest pains, shortness of breath, and stomach cramps during his matches.

Eat Honey:

Djokovic eats two spoonfuls of honey each day. The honey contains fructose, which provides energy but does not have the “sugar crash” associated with other forms of sugar such as sucrose.

Eat a Power Breakfast:

Djokovic starts his day with a breakfast of gluten-free oatmeal or muesli mixed with nuts, seeds, and fruits. This power-packed combo provides carbs and sugar for energy and plenty of protein.

Eat Throughout the Day:

Djokovic prefers to eat five healthy-portioned meals throughout the day instead of three heavy meals. This approach provides steady energy, stabilizes blood sugar, and can keep you from feeling weighed down.

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Focus on Carbs and Proteins for Lunch:

Djokovic’s preferred lunch is pasta mixed with a few healthy vegetables. Eating the carbs with little or no protein sends a message to the body that it needs energy.

Eat a Low-carb/High Protein Dinner:

The tennis champ changes his approach when it comes to dinner. The body doesn’t need energy, so Djokovic cuts back on the carbohydrates. Instead, he focuses on protein to help his body repair the damage done during the day.


After a hard workout, your body needs electrolytes and protein. Djokovic prefers sports drinks containing fructose and electrolytes. These drinks contain calcium and magnesium to help with muscle function and prevent cramps. An organic protein shake helps build and repair muscles.

Do you have a diet tip that has helped you take your workout to the next level? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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