12 Estrogen-Rich Foods That Help You Balance Your Hormones

12 Estrogen-Rich Foods That Help You Balance Your Hormones

8. Dried Fruits

Aside from being a healthful and convenient snack you can take with you on the go, dried fruits are full of phytoestrogens. Keep in mind that the drying process means more sugars will be left behind, so a serving will differ from fresh fruit.

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9. Teas and Coffee

Human beings have long relied on beverages such as tea and coffee for that extra boost to get through the day. However, research at the National Institute of Health has shown it can also increase estrogen levels. In fact, the studies revealed that estrogen levels are higher when 200 milligrams or more of caffeine has been consumed.

10. Vitamin C Rich Foods

You can never go wrong by incorporating foods rich in vitamin C into your diet such as tomatoes, kiwi, and citrus fruits.

11. Vitamin B Rich Foods

Foods rich in vitamin B are good for you in themselves, and they have also shown to help balance estrogen levels.

12. Olive Oil

Aside from the many benefits olive oil has on your hair, skin, and nails, it has also proven highly effective in regulating hormones.

The Balance You Deserve

Have you noticed a distinct change in your mood lately. Has a decreased love drive been causing issues between you and your partner. These foods along with the guidance of your health care provider can restore the balance you deserve.