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See What You Have Been Missing In Your Lemon Water

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See What You Have Been Missing In Your Lemon Water

See What You Have Been Missing In Your Lemon Water

Some people in today’s health conscious culture ask, “What is the best daily tonic you can have each day?” The answer is simple: lemon water. “And, what makes it so good for you?” Well, the zest of the lemon’s peel! Give lemon water a try, and see how you feel within days.

How Best To Prepare It

Wash thoroughly, and use only organic lemons, please! Best taken each morning but before breakfast, add freshly squeezed lemon juice from a good size wedge and about one half teaspoon lemon zest to one cup hot water. Let it stand for a few minutes. If you add honey, all the better.

If a cold or flu threatens, basically do the same at the first sign of a cold: squeeze the lemon juice, add the zest and mix with one half cup hot water. Now drink the zest tea every two hours.

Some Major Health Benefits

Decreasing the body’s bad cholesterol level (LDL) and adding an ample supply of potassium found in a lemon’s peel are the primary benefits to drinking lemon zest tea each day. Furthermore, a high Vitamin C content helps clear the blood vessels and forms a formidable guard against other health issues such as heart disease and hypertension.

Loaded with essential nutrients which enable the body to mount a resistance to infections, lemon peel and the flavonoids they carry help counter-attack cancerous cell divisions typical of certain cancers of the skin, colon and the breasts.

As a natural detox agent, lemon peel zest has shown a propensity to enhance the liver and its filtering qualities in ridding our bodies of harmful toxins. Studies carried out by both Indian and Dutch researchers during the years 2002 to 2005, revealed that lemon peel used as a detox stimulates both the overall body and liver functions and aids in weight loss. Moreover, The Journal of Chemical Bio-Chemistry published a paper on a series of studies indicating that lemon peel polyphenols suppress diet-induced obesity.

Other studies indicated the lemon peel’s ability to help prevent several forms of arthritis including osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis as well. It also serves as an anti-inflammatory agent where there are bone fractures.

Here is an additional recipe that can be used when you’re interested in changing it up :

Do you make lemons a part of your daily diet? If so, do you ever add the zest of a lemon to your food or drink? Maybe its time.

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