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Questions You Need to Ask Before Going to Bed With Your Partner!

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Questions You Need to Ask Before Going to Bed With Your Partner!

Questions You Need to Ask Before Going to Bed With Your Partner!

You’ve met someone new, things are getting hot and heavy. You’re enjoying the romance of the moment. You’re about to…stop and have a deep conversation? Granted, it is hard to have tough conversations at any time. But when you are enjoying a pleasurable moment, the last thing you want to do is stop and ask a bunch of clinical, personal questions. However it is very important that you have a frank discussion of expectations and history before going to bed with someone. Remember that your health and emotional happiness is in your hands only.


That’s why the best time to talk about these things is not when you have already had a couple glasses of wine and are kissing on the couch. Instead, when you see that a new relationship is heading in a more serious direction, have the conversation at a cool moment, for instance, over lunch in a restaurant or while taking a walk on the beach.

Explain that you have a sensitive topic to discuss, but you feel that honestly in a relationship is important and you want to make sure you are on the same page before anything else physical happens. Then ask, have you been with many people? Were you protected or unprotected? Have you even been checked for physically transmitted diseases? What were the results? Have you ever been involved with someone of the same gender?

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These may be uncomfortable questions in the moment, but your health is worth it. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about this topic, or your prospective partner refuses to answer your questions, reconsider whether this is someone you could be open enough with to go to bed together.

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