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8 Qualities A Woman Has that Her Man Can’t Just Resist!

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8 Qualities A Woman Has that Her Man Can't Just Resist!

8 Qualities A Woman Has that Her Man Can’t Just Resist!

Ladies, if you’re interested in having a quality relationship with your man, or finding a man to have a quality relationship with, read on! Always remember that men and women are different. So to attract a man, and keep him, it is imperative that you understand men (especially your own man!). As mentioned in the book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, many women are clueless about how men think.


A man desires a woman he can respect and trust- a woman of good character and integrity. Depending upon your goal and behavior, you can become for him the “marrying type” or the “plaything”. Men are more likely to fall in love with a modest woman – modest in behavior, dress, and in the way she talks. They may lust after the “hot” woman, but she is not likely to be the one to meet his mom.

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A smile is always an excellent start to any relationship. So, if smiling does not come naturally to you, start practicing and perfecting your smile. Your intent will show too, so practice your smile to be friendly, not to lure some unsuspecting man into your web!

Friendship with his woman is also important. Men value companionship, partnership, and support. Don’t be afraid to be his friend, thinking that it won’t develop into the relationship that you want. Many marriages have begun with friendship first.

Honor is also crucial to a man. Be generous with compliments and voice your appreciation for what he does.

Respect his manhood. It is okay to have your money, be an independent thinker, even repair your automobile if need be. It is also okay, when he is around, to allow him to open doors for you, or buy your dinner, etc. That does not disrespect womanhood.
What a man considers physically attractive depends on individual taste. Basic hygiene, however, works well, along with clothing and makeup that enhances you (regardless of trends).

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A warm, friendly personality versus a cold, harsh demeanor wins practically every time.

A physical relationship is imperative to men, according to every list researched. How you handle that depends on the type of person that is in your life. Is he looking for commitment, or looking for a good time? If you are single, saying no may be to your advantage. If you are married, saying yes (to your husband) is to your advantage.

In conclusion, although a physical relationship is important to a man, it is not everything that is important to him. There are several other qualities that a man looks for in a woman.

Steve Harvey, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, © 2009 by Steve Harvey

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