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6 Occasions Astrologers were involved in America’s Future

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6 Occasions Astrologers were involved in America's Future

6 Occasions Astrologers were involved in America’s Future

While usually regarded as a murky pseudoscience, astrology is still popular in the modern age. Astrologists have been right in the prediction of many events and occurrences– such as the election of current American President Barack Obama– but even without proof, many find themselves drawn to what the practice has to offer.

Despite most people knowing their Sun sign, there are many misconceptions and unknown facts concerning astrology. This article will share eight of the most common myths or misconceptions concerning astrology and its practices.

Astrology Came Before Astronomy

Although astronomy is now taken much more seriously by academics than astrology, astrology actually came along before astronomy. As far back as Mesopotamia in 1950–1651 BCE, astrology has presided over societies.

In addition, it was considered an academic discipline until a few hundred years ago. Galileo was one of the many intellectual believers in the pseudoscience.

Americans Spend Hundred of Millions of Dollars a Year on Astrology

As the title suggests, Americans spend an enormous amount on astrology annually. While there is no exact breakdown as to what is specifically purchased, it is safe to say that many Americans believe in the predictive powers of the cosmos.

Astrologers Predicted President Obama’s Election Victory

In 2012, astrologers correctly predicted that incumbent American President Barack Obama would win his reelection against Mitt Romney. The United Astrology Conference, the organization who made the prediction, has also often made correct predictions concerning natural disasters and economic trends.

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A German Astrologer Predicted Hitler’s Rise

In 1924, a German astrologer named Frau Elsbeth Ebertin was given Hitler’s birth chart, and predicted that he would become the infamous Fuhrer he became. (Her calling him the Fuhrer was well in advance to him being called that by the general German populace.) Hitler’s rise freakishly accurately matched what Ebertin predicted.

Some American Presidents Have Been Astrology Devotees

In fact, three Presidents of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, all expressed deep interest in astrology while in office. It didn’t necessarily influence policy, but it would have other subtler impacts.

For example, Reagan’s wife, Nancy, let astrology influence her scheduling of important events. Reagan also ran for reelection after looking at astrological markers. The use of astrological devices was criticized by many, especially during Reagan’s more publicized presidency, but many fears were assuaged by the proclamations that no political policies were influenced by astrology.

A Good Number of Americans Believe in Astrology

40 percent of Americans believe in astrology, thinking of it as a science. Interesting statistic to know.

The U.S. Has Thousands of Professional Astrologers

To be exact, there are approximately 7,000 professional astrologers in the United States. While this isn’t an enormous amount of individuals in the profession, it is somewhat surprising to some considering that most Americans do not believe in the power of stellar and planetary positions.

Scorpios Are the Most Common Astrological Type in the U.S.

Scorpios are about 9.6 percent of the U.S. population. They are followed by the sun signs of Virgo, Gemini, and Pisces. Aquarius is the least common sun sign with only 6.3 percent of the population.

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