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Your Brain Is Able To Produce New Cells Through Neurogenesis. Here are 5 Ways to Improve Cognition

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Your Brain Is Able To Produce New Cells Through Neurogenesis. Here are 5 Ways to Improve Cognition

Your Brain Is Able To Produce New Cells Through Neurogenesis. Here are 5 Ways to Improve Cognition

I can remember being in school hearing teachers harp about drinking and how it kills brain cells. The teachers then would always say, “You’re only born with so many! It’s not like you can create more.” Thankfully theory has been disproven! We CAN in fact change increase the production of brain cells. It’s called Neurogenesis. For us non-science majors, that translates to birth of neurons. Without neurons, we would not have brain function.

Decrease Stress
Certain stressors in life prove to make the neurogenesis process sluggish. Stress produces bad hormones. These evil hormones called “Cortisol” play havoc in our brains, slowing things down, making us more prone to depression/anxiety and forgetfulness. Cortisol is the evil genius behind our waist expansion too! (Told you they were evil) Take control of your stress level. Make a concious effort, yes, pun intended, to decrease stress. Think of it this way: Every single thought of stress you are surrendering neurons that could be making you happy and healthy? Is whatever stressing you worth that price?

Not only is exercise healthy for the shape of our bodies but has tremendous effects on our brains too. Exercise releases Endorphins. Endorphins are the super strong, super charged, superheroes against evil Cortisol. Can you guess who wins? As long as you exercise, Endorphins win! Exercise also releases Testosterone which is proven to have beneficial effects on Neurogenesis. Slimmer body, feel better, work off stress, promote Neurogenesis… Why are we not doing it now?

When we eat stuff chocked full of preservatives, bad fats and oils, processed junk or overly sugary foods, we are taking a major hit against any healthy activity our bodies can do. Not eating healthy has the opposite effects of exercise. We gain weight, feel awful, our brain function becomes sluggish and we become grumpy and forgetful. A diet full of Omega-3 and DHA promotes good everything! Good feelings, healthy weight, great brain function, regenerates brain cells and promotes memory.

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Most everyone knows your body heals during sleep. If you are awake and moving around, you are using all your energy to do so. When your body is at rest, the cells come out to play. This is their time to regenerate, repair and heal. Without sleep, there’s no time to repair anything! Think of your body as a timeshare. You get part of the time to do activities and your cells get part of the time to do their repairing. You have to share time or things can get ugly.

Love making
Every married guy is probably jumping for joy saying, “Honey! You need to read this!” Physical contact is good for Neurogenesis. It releases endorphins, just like exercise. This type of activity stimulates neurotransmitters which speed up though process, Neurogenesis and makes us feel good from head to toe. Also it is known to battle depression and fatigue.

Long ago, the theory was we are born with a set number of brain cells and when they are gone they are gone. We now know that not only is that NOT true, but we know we have control over creating more! These are just a few ways of increasing neuron-birth. Take charge today of your own Neurogenesis!

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