8 Things Women Think Men Are Into, But They Are NOT

8 Things Women Think Men Are Into, But They Are NOT

MYTH #5 – Men don’t like being asked on a date.

In the past, women who took the initiative to ask for a date were seen as desperate. Men were charged with doing the hard part of making first contact. Thankfully, dating etiquette has since evolved. Match.com has released the results of its “Singles in America 2015” survey. Polling 5,600 singles revealed that 90% of the guys were fine with being asked out.

INSIGHT #5 – Members of both genders like being approached for a date. It’s a sign of being admired. Fortunately, no one objects to that.

MYTH #6 – Men aren’t as romantic as women.

The Romantic Beliefs Scale has dispelled this myth. This is a measure of viewpoints regarding the nature of love. A study of 730 subjects assessed four core beliefs about romance. The results showed that men were generally more impassioned than women. Guys agreed with such statements as:

  • There’s only one real love for me.
  • True love is forever.
  • I’m determined to make a relationship work, despite any obstacles.
  • I believe in love at first sight.

INSIGHT #6 – Men tend to believe that love is the most important consideration in choosing a mate.

MYTH #7 – Men are shallow.

In his book Backbone, David Wagner states that each man has an inner life. It includes his dreams, hopes, passions, and aspirations. Clues that reveal what’s close to a man’s heart are:

  • work he enjoys
  • hobbies
  • talents
  • preferred environments
  • types of people he gravitates toward

INSIGHT #7 – There’s a lot beneath the surface of that calm exterior.

MYTH #8 – Men don’t need to talk about their feelings.

We’ve already nixed the myth that men don’t have feelings. However, in addition to having emotions, men need to express them. Male bonding occurs in the form of:

  • barbershops
  • barbecuing
  • bowling nights
  • fishing trips
  • poker games
  • building projects
  • tinkering with cars
  • working out at the gym
  • watching sports

INSIGHT #8 – It’s important to not begrudge men the time they spend with buddies. Men need to bond as much as women.


To recap, let’s clear the air of the above-mentioned myths. Acknowledging men for their positive traits, we can say they:

1. Have emotions.
2. Are more attracted by a woman’s personality than her looks.
3. Enjoy being committed.
4. Fall asleep right after love-making due to changes in body chemistry.
5. Don’t think less of a woman when she initiates a date.
6. Are more romantic than women.
7. Have an inner life.
8. Need to express their feelings.


Considering the above endearing qualities, we come to a happy conclusion. Ladies, when it comes to men, you can’t help but to love them!