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8 Ways to Cleanse The Gut and Prevent Diabetes

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8 Ways to Cleanse The Gut and Prevent Diabetes

See How You Can Cleanse Your Gut and Prevent Diabetes

Probiotics have become very popular recently due to the significant role they play in the health of the body and the promotion of good microbes. Over 100 trillion good microbes live in the gut, and probiotics help the good microbes, or bacteria, to thrive. Though the importance of probiotics has been known about for many years, it has been recent research studies that have demonstrated their importance for body health. They are especially beneficial in preventing diabetes and keeping the brain functioning properly.

Studies have shown that taking probiotics reduce weight gain and insulin resistance, the trigger for Type 2 diabetes, while increasing insulin sensitivity. Researchers believe that having a positive balance of good microbes may be a way to prevent, or possibly treat, patients with diabetes.

The health of the intestines affects mood, behavior and brain health. The intestines are a host to a continuous battle between good and bad bacteria. Probiotics shift the balance in the gut in the favor of good bacteria, positively affecting mental health.

It’s extremely important to cleanse the gut to allow good microbes to thrive. Try these eight tips to get more probiotics in the diet to stay strong physically and mentally.

1. Eat Foods that are Rich in Probiotics

Eating foods rich in probiotics is the best way to get the helpful bacteria in the digestive tract. Yogurt, which has live cultures; miso soup; kefir, which is a cross between yogurt and milk; and sauerkraut all naturally contain probiotics.

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2. Use a Probiotic Supplement

Not all probiotic supplements are created equal. To get the most benefit, take a probiotic supplement with at least 20 billion live organisms per dose. Two types of microbes, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, have been the most well-studied and are part of most probiotics. Experts agree that switching types of probiotics every few months, however, can be beneficial to ensure that there are different types of microbes being introduced to the gut.

3. Only Use Antibiotics if Necessary

Antibiotics should only be used if absolutely necessary. This is because antibiotics wipe out all microbes, good and bad. If an antibiotic does need to be taken, replacing the good microbes with food and supplements after treatment is the best way to get the gut back into balance.

4. Find a Good Source of Prebiotic Fiber

Prebiotic fiber helps the digestive system by feeding the helpful bacteria and stimulating immune-cell production, which keeps the body healthy and running well.

5. Cut Back on Eating Gluten

Gluten is a dietary protein that is found in wheat. It can be extremely hard for the body to digest. Cutting back on consumption can lead to less gastrointestinal problems.

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6. Never Eat Aspartame

Aspartame can weaken the immune system by raising blood sugar and destroying helpful bacteria, which may lead to irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.

7. Reduce the Amount of Sugar and Carbohydrates Eaten

Harmful microbes thrive on sugar and carbohydrates. Reducing the amount of simple sugar and carbohydrates that are eaten will inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, allowing for more balance in the gut.

8. Use Only Certified Non-GMO Products

Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMO, have been genetically changed by taking a gene of one species and inserting it into another. Non-GMO products have not been changed and do not alter the species’ cell structure as a result. Products that have been modified, however, may harm the health of the consumer by changing the cell structure.

Cleansing the gut and allowing it to be host to good bacteria will result in a healthy brain, a lowered risk of diabetes, and better immune health. While researchers are still determining all of the positive effects of probiotics, it is clear that the helpful bacteria are essential to a healthy body.

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