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If You’re a Balding Guy, You Should Follow these Hairstyling Tips and Tricks

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If You're a Balding Guy, You Should Follow these Hairstyling Tips and Tricks

If You’re a Balding Guy, You Should Follow these Hairstyling Tips and Tricks

Hair loss is a common problem for men. By age 35, two-thirds of American men experience some degree of hair loss. By age 50, almost 85 percent have noticeably thinning hair. One in four men who struggle with pattern baldness start the process before age 21.
If Youre a Balding Guy You Should Follow these Hairstyling Tips and Tricks
Male pattern baldness, known medically as androgenic alopecia, is responsible for most of the hair loss in men. While baldness can occur for many reasons such as medications, serious illness or extreme stress , most hair loss has hereditary factors. These balding men inherit hair follicles that are genetically sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of the male sex hormone. Over time, the hair follicles miniaturize and eventually stop producing hair. In most cases, pattern baldness is characterized by thinning hair and a receding hairline. As the hair loss progresses, it leaves a horseshoe pattern of hair surrounding a bald scalp.
Treatment Options for Hair Loss
In recent years, medicine has made great strides in hair loss treatment. Noticeable hair loss is no longer a foregone conclusion for men with pattern baldness. It is possible to slow the progression of hair loss and even replace lost hair with prescription drugs and surgery.Non-surgical hair replacement is another option for men with significant hair loss. They can regain their youthful appearance without medications or surgery. Good hairpieces create a natural appearance of thick hair with an undetectable hairline.
Some men turn to nutritional supplements as alternative therapy for hair loss. While the jury is out on the benefits of supplements for alopecia, some studies report success with herbs. Lavender oil combined with cedar wood, rosemary and thyme may help patchy hair loss.

Styling Options for Thinning Hair

Whether or not men treat their hair loss with drugs, surgery or hairpieces, they need a basic care routine. This includes shampooing and styling their thinning hair. Frequent shampooing stimulates the scalp and adds volume to thin hair while keeping oils at bay. When there is less hair separation, people see less scalp.

Short, close-cropped haircuts are the best choice for men with thinning hair. Shorter sides that fade into longer hair on the top keep the appearance neat and clean. Styling the hair with a sea salt spray, also known as beach spray, can open the hair cuticles and plump up the hair.

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