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7 Foods That Help Prevent Cancer

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7 Foods That Help Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a sickness that we all know too well. It affects the lives of an incredible amount of people. Chances are, everyone knows someone, or is someone, suffering from it.

Cancer is a group of diseases that cause abnormal cell growth. This creates all kinds of bodily malfunctions, resistances, diseases, etc… if not treated. The most commonly known side effect of cancer, sometimes even after treated, is death.

There are a variety of cancers, so it can be hard to figure out how to prevent them. Many things come into play to cause it. Some of which are exposed to radiation, lifestyle choices and habits, physical activities and many, many more.

However, there are foods that you can eat that may help you prevent cancer altogether, along with healthy lifestyle choices and regular check-ups, of course.

7 Foods That Help Prevent Cancer

Paying mind to eat these foods just may give you a leg up in the battle against cancer:


Garlic has components that are known to boost your natural immune system. It also may play a part in slowing the growth of tumors that have already formed within your body.

Wild Salmon

Salmon is LOADED with Vitamin D, which is awesome in the fight to keep away from cancer! Studies have shown that low levels of Vitamin D have been linked to certain cancers.


This one is a super food, and a tasty one, too. It’s extra super for our purposes because it’s loaded with flavonoids which Spanish studies show may help to protect you from getting cancer. Although these flavonoids become obsolete, for the most part, once you microwave that broccoli, so eat it fresh!

Sweet Potatoes

I bet you’re rethinking saying no to those sweet potato fries earlier today at this point, aren’t you? Well, it’s probably for the best because the goal here is health consciousness. And, boy, are sweet potatoes healthy when prepared properly!

They’re packed with incredibly powerful antioxidants, which are awesome for fighting off cancer and all kinds of diseases.

Brazil Nuts

This one isn’t quite as common as the others, but definitely worth hunting down. These nuts have selenium in them, which helps your cells repair messed up DNA. Basically, selenium is a mineral that causes cancer to “off” itself.


Grapefruits are chock full of Vitamin C. And what does Vitamin C =? Antioxidants! These antioxidants I keep talking about are a key element in keeping nitrogen compounds from forming in your body.

When we keep them from forming, we keep away cancer.

Lemonade ( No Sugar )

Well, lemons. But, lemonade works too! It’s the citrus that we’re going for here. Some Australian researchers found that daily intake of citrus may cut down the risk of quite a few types of cancer!

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to a topic like this one. Do your research, and stay healthy!

Do you know of more great ways to help prevent cancer? Share with us in the comments section!

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