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6 Things You Say That Unintentionally Scare Away Your Partner

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6 Things You Say That Unintentionally Scare Away Your Partner

6 Things You Say That Unintentionally Scare Away Your Partner

When it comes to being in a relationship, communication is one of the most important factors that can cause the bond you have with someone to thrive. In the same regard, what you say can also be detrimental to your relationship by scaring away your partner. To ensure that you have a mate who sticks by your side for the long haul, there are a few things that you should avoid saying to your significant other.

6 Things You Say That Unintentionally Scare Away Your Partner

1. “I Can Never Keep a Job.”

Although you may feel like you can be completely honest with your partner, saying too much can be the demise of your relationship. If you admit that you don’t have a steady career, it can equate to a lack of stability to the other individual.

2. “I Don’t Want Kids.”

If you don’t plan on having kids in your future, it could be a deal-breaker with the relationship that you’re in. It’s important to choose your words carefully before throwing around your thoughts nonchalantly. Resort to sharing your feelings in relationship counseling and learn how to communicate honestly without scaring away the one you love.

3. “I Don’t Know How Much Money We Have.”

If you’re bad with your finances and don’t budget, it’s a quick turn-off that shows you aren’t financially stable. Instead, do your best to manage your money well to show that you respect both you and your partner’s earnings. You can also get relationship advice from an expert with relationship therapy to learn how to avoid financial problems that can develop. Relationship counseling can allow both partners to learn how to manage their money together as a team.

4. “Your Mom and I Don’t Get Along.”

A common turnoff in relationships is if one partner can’t get along with the other person’s family. If you don’t care for your mother-in-law, avoid complaining to your significant other and instead talk to a professional who can offer relationship advice. Speaking your feelings about your partner’s family members can cause the other person to become defensive and kick you to the curb.

5. “My Life Sucks.”

When you complain about your life it can look like you have pity for yourself. Avoid being negative or talking about all of your problems on a frequent basis to avoid turning off the one you love.

6. “I Just Want to Be Happy.”

Saying that you just want to be happy in life makes it seem as if you aren’t already happy with your current relationship. If the person you’re with is aware that you aren’t happy, they’ll immediately assume that they don’t contribute anything positive to your life or that you’re too hard to please. If the relationship has a few issues, remedy any problems with relationship therapy.

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