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3 Reasons You’ve Stopped Losing Weight

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3 Reasons You’ve Stopped Losing Weight

3 Reasons You’ve Stopped Losing Weight

Over and over again we read posts online about doing this or doing that to lose more weight. Some of these posts have incredibly helpful information that changes our lives.

Usually, though, that’s not the case.

So we’ve learned about all of the tips and tricks to lose weight, right? And we’ve utilized all the pills and potions out there to try and get rid of that stubborn weight, but nothing seems to have a lasting effect!

What, then, is the answer? Amongst all of these tips tricks, foods, potions, and answers are a few key factors that we are missing.

3 Reasons You’re Not Losing Anymore Weight

When trying to lose weight, we tend to make these 3 detrimental errors:

We’re not consistent

When jumping around from craze to craze, we forget that the answer to our prayers lays in consistency!

Our bodies CRAVE consistency. When we jump from thing to thing our bodies constantly have to re adjust. This is what they do, naturally! We need to give our bodies a chance to catch up with us before it’ll take on lasting change.

This does not happen over night. You may see slight improvements, but they’re almost always followed by a relapse in weight. One of the reasons for this is a lack of consistency.

We’re not balanced

You know the idea of a balanced meal, right? Well, how about a balanced life? In everything that we do, we need balance. This is another thing our bodies are attempting to internally regulate.

If we eat a bunch of food one day, and fast the next day, our bodies get completely thrown out of wack! If all we do is run, and never utilize any other exercise techniques, our bodies get thrown out of wack.

You need balance if you want to see results. Work out in different arenas, eat different kinds of foods. This is where “everything in moderation” really comes into play.

We’re overly stressed

Not many people know this, but stress raises cortisol levels. Cortisol levels are directly linked to fat production! All that work and no play is taking its tole on your body.

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Lack of sleep also causes stress. And the biggest factor? The stress you give yourself for not looking “perfect”.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to live up to made up standards.

The high of looking “perfect” will wear off eventually, and then you’ll be looking for the next thing to make you feel good. All the while, you’re causing your body stress, which is preventing it from losing those last pounds! Do you see the twisted rollercoaster we’ve got ourselves on?

Sure, we can look into every diet and every detox to try and force our bodies to look a certain way. But real, lasting results come from taking CARE of our bodies.

This is when we really start to see a change.

Have you been struggling with weight loss? Share your story with us in the comments section!

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