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The Bizarre Way Your Shoes Are Making Your Breasts Sag

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The Bizarre Way Your Shoes Are Making Your Breasts Sag

The Bizarre Way Your Shoes Are Making Your Breasts Sag

As women age, breasts tend to lose the perkiness that is often associated with a youthful figure. Much to the dismay of many women of a certain age, the breasts also lose their fullness and begin to sag. It seems as if gravity kicks in to overdrive.

The Bizarre Way Your Shoes Are Making Your Breasts Sag

This may seem weird, but wearing high-heeled shoes has been shown to contribute to the development of sagging breasts. This happens because high-heeled shoes change the way women walk and adversely affect their posture. Although they are extremely fashionable, there are consequences of wearing high-heeled shoes.

What does your favorite black stiletto heels have to do with sagging breasts? It is a simple matter of basic biology that causes sagging to happen.

The human body contains tissues, muscles and bones that are connected and inter-related. When something affects one muscle, it also affects the muscle that is connected to it. This process goes on and on until all muscles have been affected.

Wearing high-heeled shoes cause the muscles in the ankles to tighten. As the ankle muscles tighten, leg and lower back muscles tighten also. When the lower back muscle tightens, the body begins to hunch over to relieve the body. Hunching over causes poor posture and the breasts to begin to sag.

Now that the information about the correlation between sagging breasts and high heels has been reported, there must be something that can be done to combat the effects. Here are a few actions that can be taken to wear your high heels and reduce the sag.

1. Wear bras that provide ample support and fit properly

A good bra can make or break the perfect outfit. If the outfit calls for a great pair of heels, then wear a bra that fully supports your posture and lift the breasts.

2. Practice good posture techniques at all times

Good posture needs to be consciously practiced each day. Many times women slouch, and they are totally unaware that they are doing it. Pay close attention to your posture when you are sitting down, working on the computer or relaxing. Make adjustments if you find yourself slouching.

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3. Practice exercises that improve spinal alignment

If you have been slouching for years, your spine has to be reconditioned for alignment. Exercises such as yoga, stretching and hip raises can make a visible difference in the posture and appearance of the chest.

4. Massage your breasts daily

A gentle massage with a moisturizing oil can work wonders for sagging breasts. This activity increases elasticity and blood circulation throughout the breasts. Dedicate at least 10 minutes to a gentle breast massage each day.

5. Eat a healthy diet

A diet rich in vitamins and minerals can improve the health of breast tissues. In addition, healthy foods can prevent breast disease.

Fashionistas do not have to give up wearing high heels. By taking these precautions and actions, women can reduce ‘the sagging breast effect’ that is caused by wearing high-heeled shoes.

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