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The Main Percentage Of Deaths In America Are Caused By These Hidden Factors (Here’s How To Avoid Them)

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The Main Percentage Of Deaths In America Are Caused By These Hidden Factors (Here’s How To Avoid Them)

The Main Percentage Of Deaths In America Are Caused By These Hidden Factors (Here’s How To Avoid Them)

People have been dying as long as there has been a record kept of the human race. In the 1500s, drowning was a large cause. In the 1600s, it was the Plague of London. Don’t even get started on the Black Death of the 1400s. However, in modern times, these aren’t things we have to worry about. There are hidden causes of death, and they do kill.

The Main Percentage Of Deaths In America Are Caused By These Hidden Factors

1. The first hidden cause of death today is heart disease. Out of all deaths, 23.53% of them are caused by this. Many of the things that fall under heart disease have to do with buildup and inflammation. However, this can lead to heart attacks, which is a known cause of death. Chest pain, breathlessness, nausea, and discomfort in the upper body are all things that can signal a coming heart attack. To avoid this hidden killer, quit smoking, avoid binge drinking and excessive drinking overall, exercise regularly, and keep salts, refined sugars, etc. in low levels in your diet.

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2. Speaking of sugar, this is another hidden killer. The number of deaths from sugar is not known, but it does lead to other issues – heart diseases, obesity, etc. – that can kill. Sugar is known for its addictive properties and for making everything, well, sweeter. However, high-fructose corn syrup is the worst offender. To avoid the sugar related deaths, head for the natural sugars when you need sweet – fruits, honey, and maple syrup, for example.

If you’ve ever had tropical fruits – whether they be star fruit, spindle tree, or apricot – there are a few that can be deadly. To avoid death by a tropical fruit, it’s simply best to know which ones not to touch. The star fruit is one to avoid, especially since why it’s toxic has not been identified. The pangium edule fruit shouldn’t be touched either – it has high levels of hydrogen cyanide.

3. Cancer is another hidden killer. While we all know the risks of having cancer, no one is quite sure what causes cancer. It can develop pretty much anywhere, and accounts for 22.52% of all deaths. Yikes. To avoid it, avoid smoking, avoid indoor tanning, wear sunscreen, prevent HPV, HBV, HIV, and HCV, etc. There are many other ways to prevent it.

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4. At 5.74% of all deaths, chronic lower respiratory disease may not sound all that threatening. However, it can be incredibly threatening because it prevents the lungs from doing their job properly. Asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis are three examples of these. To prevent these deaths, quitting smoking and avoiding second hand smoke, air pollution, chemical fumes, and dust are all good ideas. At least 80% of these deaths are caused by smoking or the second hand smoke that comes from it.

5. Dairy is another hidden killer. Milk and other dairy products are toted as a wonderful way to build up bones and get calcium. However, because the sources of calcium that we often use – cows – are higher on the food chain, biomagnification takes effect. This means that there are more toxins, pesticides, hormones, etc. in the milk of the cow. Avoiding excessive milk consumption can help avoid heart disease from xanthine oxidase (an enzyme that can be digested) building up in the artery walls. Pasteurized milk can have more bad bacteria than good, and casein (a protein in milk) is a common food allergen. Simply avoiding dairy products can help keep these causes from popping up, and can spare you the diarrhea, gas, and cramps that result.

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