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6 Must-Know Flirting Techniques That No Man Can Resist

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6 Must-Know Flirting Techniques That No Man Can Resist

6 Must-Know Flirting Techniques That No Man Can Resist

This is to all the single ladies. Nowadays, we know how difficult it is to snag a decent mate, much less even find ourselves outside of the dating-game to even start something serious. This is often a source of extreme stress for ladies, especially if we know we aren’t lacking any good graces that would hinder us from landing a little piece of a prince charming. But if you find yourself still single, or still out and about trying to snag a decent man, here are six scientifically proven dating tips that are sure to get the attention of someone special in no time!

Flirting Techniques That No Man Can Resist

Here are 6 Must-Know Flirting Techniques That NO Man Can Resist:

Tip 6
Warm drinks are excellent starters. If you’re idea of a first date consists of cold beer or some iced cocktails, think again. Men like to be asked out, it may be better to invite the guy you like out for a cup of coffee or tea. Yale University researchers have discovered that warm drinks (irrespective of the type) can actually help to alter an individual’s perception of another person. The studies have shown that warm drinks evoke feelings of affection because they’re hardwired equivalents to generosity and care in our minds.

Add this up to the invitation for caffeinated drinks which help to enliven conversation, or for a cup of hot cocoa which evokes feelings of romance, and you’re hotwired in for something rewarding with your date!

Tip 5
Make eye contact and be generous with your smile. Guys like open, friendly women. Come to think of it, all people in general like others who are open and friendly. This being a given, don’t be a grouch or too reserved when it comes to your smile. Bridge contact by cementing a solid interest in what your date is trying to convey by making eye contact. If he does something that you like, or if you simply want to see him smile back, flash those pearly whites!

Several psychological studies have proven that open, easy-going people who actually signal their interest or availability through body language catch more looks and are approached more often.

Tip 4
Be the lady in red. It seems like a fashion cliché, but subtle hints like color or attire can affect the outcome of a date and a person’s perception of an individual. Sure, deep down we aren’t that shallow, and we expect our date not to be as well. However, if you want to catch a man’s eye, wear a red dress, or at least some red lipstick.

A scientific study conducted at the University of Rochester discovered that men found ladies in red to be marginally more attractive than ladies who sported other colors. But you don’t have to be bull’s bait to pull of this effect, since even a little red lipstick or well-manicured red nails can do wonders to compliment your appearance.

Tip 3
Strike up conversation. This seems like a no-brainer, but for some women this can prove to be difficult. While talking about you might seem like a good way to ‘strike up conversation’, turn the tables around and talk about your date. This not only marks him as something of interest, which is a major turn-on for men, it also comes out as a caring and generous way of genuinely wanting to know more about him. And, it doubles as a great way to see if they fit your general profile of ‘Mr Right’ or ‘Mr Wrong’! Make sure you apply tip number five along with this one for added benefits.

Tip 2
Be direct and upfront, and don’t be afraid to get touchy-feely. It’s well known that men don’t like women who play notoriously hard to get. If you find that you’re interested in someone, tell them. Men are attracted to women who smack of confidence and assertiveness. Also, don’t be afraid to get touchy-feely, literally. It’s considered social influence. A scientific journal on social interactions and their psychological effects stated that even a simple touch to the arm, the shoulder, the waist or the forearm immediately conveys the message of interest for more than ‘friendship’-level interaction.

It would be wise to note however that this tip goes both ways – if you get touchy-feely with your date, be generous enough to let him touch you back. If you want, be creative with where your hands caress and, with enough chemistry, you’re sure to see fireworks.

Tip 1
Be open and convivial. We’ve covered how being an attentive listener is a sure-fire way to catch a man’s interest, but men aren’t one-way streets. Be open to them, but choose the topics that you’re open about wisely, gleaning from what they themselves have been generous enough to share with you. Men naturally gravitate towards others who share similar interests with them. If you find that you have something in common, work on that! Swap ideas, share, and simply be open about things you like or don’t like. Granted, don’t talk exes, problems or emotional woes on the first date. Doing this, you are sure to quit the dating game and land yourself your coveted significant other in no-time!

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