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How to Make the Best Giant Cancer Fighting Salad

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How to Make the Best Giant Cancer Fighting Salad

How to Make the Best Giant Cancer Fighting Salad

The following giant cancer fighting salad recipe is inspired by Chris Wark. Chris is a chemotherapy-free cancer survivor. Back in 2003, Chris was only 26 years old when he was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. To say the least, Chris was shocked when his oncologist discovered a golf-ball size cancerous tumor in his colon. The tumor was removed successfully by his surgeon. Chris was then advised by his oncologist that he would need six months of intensive chemotherapy treatments, in order to eradicate the cancer from his body.

How to Make the Best Giant Cancer Fighting Salad

Chris refused chemotherapy and underwent a radical lifestyle change, including a diet overall. According to Chris’s blog, he lived on fast food and rarely ate raw, living fruits and vegetables. After his cancer diagnosis and surgery, Chris decided to radically improve his diet and lifestyle, in order to give himself the best chance of beating cancer, without the deleterious effects of chemotherapy. One of his main “go-to” meals is his giant cancer fighting salad.

Eating a salad full of organic vegetables and cancer fighting spices daily, or even twice a day, will help to replenish your body’s supply of vital minerals, vitamins and living enzymes that help to strengthen the immune system and give your body the ability to fight off cancer. In addition to 6 cups of organic vegetables daily, it is recommended to include a variety of seeds, nuts and organic sprouts in your giant cancer fighting salad. Optimally, using sprouted nuts and seeds in your salad will be easier for your body to digest and will more effectively help your body to heal from cancer.

Please only use organic vegetables. Non-organic vegetables are usually sprayed with toxic pesticides that frequently propel the growth of cancer and weaken the immune system, particularly estrogen-sensitive cancers, such as ovarian, breast and prostate cancer. It is also important to not put cheese, processed meats or store-bought dressings in your giant cancer fighting salad. All of these items usually have preservatives and other chemicals that weaken your body’s ability to fight cancer. Some of these chemicals can even fuel the growth and spread of cancer.

Kale, spinach, broccoli, purple cabbage, pepper, mushrooms, and cauliflower all have strong anti-cancer compounds. These are wonderful vegetables to put in your giant cancer fighting salad everyday. Squash, zucchini, avocado, and onion also have strong anti-cancer compounds and are wonderfully tasty additions to your salad. Additionally, sprouted sunflower seeds, almonds, mung beans, and lentils also have strong anti-cancer properties and make a nice addition to your salad.

Topping off your salad with a fermented food, such as natural sauerkraut, will help your body to digest all of the nutrients in the salad. A very simple, anti-cancer salad dressing is organic extra virgin olive oil and Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar with the addition of organic oregano, garlic, turmeric powder, and cayenne pepper. All four of these spices fight cancer directly and will enhance the flavor and enjoyment of your best giant cancer fighting salad.

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