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Top 8 Common Products That Can Cause Cancer

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Top 8 Common Products That Can Cause Cancer

Home Products and Foods That Can Cause Cancer
By Positivemed Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

Deodorants and room freshener
Room fresheners and deodorants often contain napthelene and formaldehyde, ingredients that can harm your lungs. They may remove the smell from your room or your body but they are hazardous and can cause cancer. Try natural essential oils to avoid unpleasant odors.

Non-stick cookware
Non-stick cookware like pans, cookers, pots, and other household goods contain POFA which can cause cancer. Chemicals get into food as you cook once the surface gets scratched. These products should not be used to cook anything over 300 degrees.

Processed meat
Preservatives are added to processed meat in order to keep them fresh and appealing. These preservatives can contain sodium nitrate which is a cancer causing element. Choose your meat wisely, fresh with no added preservatives.

Microwave popcorn
Microwave popcorn packets contain chemicals which can lead to liver and pancreatic cancer. This chemical may also damage your lungs.

Plastic contains phthalates, DEHA, and BPA which are risky to your health as they may cause cancer. Plastic water bottles sitting in hot temperatures for a long time should be avoided to help prevent cancer. Also never microwave or heat food in a plastic container.

Home Products and Foods That Can Cause Cancer

Conventional dried fruits
Having conventional dried fruits does not mean that you are eating healthy. Most conventional dried fruit contain pesticides and additives which are harmful to us and may cause cancer.

Scented candles
Many people keep scented candles in their homes for lovely fragrances. These artificially scented candles produce combustion by-products which includes soot. It’s better to avoid such artificial candles and use beeswax candles.

VOC (volatile organic compounds) Paint
As per EPA, paints, varnishes, waxes, and other cleaning products contain cancer causing VOC. These chemicals can be converted into carbon monoxide in the body. Always choose low- or no-VOC paints!

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