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4 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

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4 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

4 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is made up of two primary aspects, the first of which is your ability to recognize, control and express your own emotions. The second half of emotional intelligence is the capacity to empathize with others and understand their emotions. Both of these skill sets allow you to understand yourself and others. If you’re wondering where you stand with emotional intelligence, here are some hallmark signs.

4 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

The Ability to Read Non-Verbal Communication

People with high emotional intelligence can read body language and facial expressions to pick up cues about how the other person feels. If you don’t have these skills, they can be learned and retained. A 2009 Nelis study referenced in Psychology Today found that those who took a 2.5-hour course on these abilities retained them for six months.

Work Relationships are Easy for You

For those with high emotional intelligence, leadership and team playing come naturally. A 2010 publication by the Virginia Commonwealth University found that those with good emotional intelligence scores made better, happier workers than those with low scores. If you’ve never had much trouble at work, you likely are good at controlling and expressing your emotions without resorting to pettiness, tantrums or grudges.

You’re Comfortable Around People and with Small Talk

Even introverts who prefer to be alone can have high emotional intelligence and form good relationships with others. Regardless of personality type, the ability to build and sustain friendships is a big indicator of your emotional intelligence. A 2009 Rutgers study states that those with poor emotional intelligence scores also had multiple conflicts with their friends and loved ones, which can lead to other issues in both home and professional lives.

Your Career is Going Great

Forbes Magazine ran a fascinating study in January of 2014 outlining exactly how those with average IQ outpace those of higher IQ 70% of the time in terms of careers. Emotional intelligence is lauded as playing a role in stress tolerance, presentation skills, flexibility and customer service skills. 90% of high-earning, successful people have high scores. If you have a great career that requires you to work with others, you likely have high emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence has an impact on every facet of your personal and professional lives. Understanding your emotions and the emotions of others is a critical skill that can be honed, so don’t discount this skill’s importance in your personal and professional lives.

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