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Top 10 Dieting Secrets You Can Learn From Guys

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Top 10 Dieting Secrets You Can Learn From Guys

Top 10 Dieting Secrets You Can Learn From Guys

Dieting and health are important ways to feel great and get in shape. A good diet helps make your body and mind healthier, leading to more energy and better fitness. However, sometimes women don’t use all the available health and fitness tricks.

Top 10 Dieting Secrets You Can Learn From Guys

There are 10 good dieting secrets that we can steal from guys

1. Stay committed. While it is easy to start a diet program, the benefits only really start accruing several weeks into the program. Guys are more likely to stay committed to their programs due to their greater openness to moral support according to a National Institute of Health Research Study.

2. Try high-volume, low calorie diets. In other words, eat foods in large portions that have few calories per bite. These items trick your brain into feeling full even though they won’t pack on the pounds.

3. Low Carb Diets. A low carb diet are very effective at reducing pounds quickly. The South Beach Diet is the most popular. However, after stopping these diets, people often regain the weight so commitment is a must.

4.Use the DASH Diet. The Dash Diet is a government approved plan to reduce blood pressure and calories for overweight individuals. It is pretty much the standard scientific plan taught in school of a healthy, balanced diet plan.

5. Strength Training with Protein Consumption. Although lean muscle is actually slightly heavier than fat, strength training will improve metabolism and decrease overall weight. Consumption of adequate protein after strength training will increase muscle size.

6. High Intensity Workouts Coupled with Low-Calorie Foods. Some people focus on classes that emphasize slow, rhythmic motions, however, it has been shown that short bursts of intense aerobic activity coupled with light recovery eating are the most effective way to quickly lose weight.

7. Keep the Alcohol, but Change the Type. Alcohol can be a fun reward for keeping a good diet and working out. However, switch from heavy hard alcohol to light beer or wine. Also, be sure not to binge drink.

8. Go Medieval. Adopt the diet of our early ancestors including focusing on whole foods, fats and staying away from grains. This diet seeks to satisfy our diet based on the foods early humans ate during evolution. It is what we are “designed” to eat.

9. Change your Mind. Make the diet your entire lifestyle, change your life and change your habits to match the type of diet you want to achieve. Do not tempt yourself by getting into tempting situations.

10. Avoid Stress. Stress has a deep negative impact on your life. Avoid stress and you will avoid binge eating or the chemicals that coarse through our bodies on particularly stressful days.

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