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Sustainable Habits That Create A Healthy Lifestyle In 21 Days Or Less

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Sustainable Habits That Create A Healthy Lifestyle In 21 Days Or Less

Sustainable Habits That Create A Healthy Lifestyle In 21 Days Or Less

The real key to any healthy habit is consistency. The information is out there, in fact, we’re bombarded with it. Intentions and resolutions start strong, but like so many best-laid plans, it’s easy to veer off course. Often it’s the time and energy required to continue a routine that derails us, or we are discouraged because the results are not quite as expected.

These simple habits will help create a healthier lifestyle, are easily sustainable and take less than five minutes to do. Plus their impact will be felt immediately, and after twenty-one days they will have easily become part of the fabric of your daily routine.

Drink lemon water in the morning


Starting the morning with a cup of warm lemon water helps flush out toxins, improve digestion and balance and maintain the pH levels in the body.
This simple change is sustainable because it is quick and easy and takes no more time than brewing a morning cup of coffee. There are no fancy instructions or intricate recipes. All that’s needed is a lemon and water. This can replace a morning cup of coffee, or just enjoy the warm lemon water before coffee.

Track your steps

If sitting is the new smoking, then it’s time to get up and move more.
Experts cite that aiming 10,000 steps a day is a healthy goal for activity. Most of us grossly underestimate the amount of movement we get during the course of a typical day. To generate more movement, rather than scheduling more time at the gym, just try tracking it. Data is a powerful motivator, and there are countless gadgets and devices on the market that can aid in tracking and measuring how much we move. Simply creating awareness will prompt more movement during the course of the day.

Try essential oils

Essential oils have been used since ancient times and have been found to have a profound impact on health. When essential oil molecules enter the body, they find their way into the bloodstream and every part of the body. Chemical interactions occur between the oils and our bodies that initiate physical and emotional changes. It’s important to do your homework so that you choose quality oils and use them properly. A drop of oil on the bottoms of the feet takes only a second and is an easy, yet powerful habit to sustain.

Mediate, but just strive for five

Meditation can be intimidating and daunting. The idea of committing to a regular practice, quieting the monkey mind and reigning in the internal chatter can be a little overwhelming. Why not just strive for five minutes? To make it sustainable, meditate immediately upon waking, before the distractions and interruptions begin. Use a guided meditation if needed, but commit to five minutes of silence focusing on the breath. Even a five-minute daily practice can result in a more positive mood, less stress, better coping skills, and greater self-acceptance.

Find inspiration. It’s not just fluff, it’s scientific

Studies have bee researching the physical benefits of positive thinking for years. By finding inspiration each day we create positive emotions like joy, contentment, and love which lead to improved physical conditions such as an enhanced immune system, better breathing, lower heart rate and more. Finding inspiration can be as quick and easy as finding a motivational quote on Facebook or reading a spiritual passage or uplifting blog post. As Buddha said, “The mind is everything; what you think, you become.”

Remember, the key is consistency. Commit to trying these five simple habits for twenty one days and elevate your health and well being to a new level.,


Kristen Hallett RzasaKristen Hallett Rzasa is the owner of InterPlay Health, a whole life wellness company focused on integrating natural solutions to relieve chronic pain and improve health.
She is a MELT Method practitioner and Jazzercise instructor and is best known in the industry for her work as host of A Matter of Balance: A Woman’s Quest for Health, Harmony & Kick-Ass Heels on FTNS: World’s First Fitness. She appears regularly on [www.ehow.com] as a fitness expert.

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