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10 Hacks To Keep Love Alive In A Relationship

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10 Hacks To Keep Love Alive In A Relationship

10 Hacks To Keep Love Alive In A Relationship

Is your married life a bit boring? Missing romance and excitement? Sometimes we want those back but we don’t know how. We have some simple yet effective hacks to refill your life with love and help you keep love alive:

Hacks To Keep Love Alive In A Relationship

Be touchy-feely
Closeness in a relationship is important, but small warm touches add sparks and coziness to life. Make a habit of kissing each other when you return home, before you leave it, massaging or dancing with your partner.

Be competitive
Of course you make a perfect team, but if you miss the excitement you had in the initial days of relationship you can challenge each other in a love game or household chore. Keep your partner happily busy with a quiz or riddle.

Move together
It is not necessary to visit the gym everyday with your partner, just include some physical activities in your routine and enjoy them together. This way you can achieve two goals in one, better health and love. The adrenaline rush released by your body when you move together will keep your love alive.

Relive your happy days
Most relationships are beautiful in the beginning, but as time passes the sparks tend to fade. Why not relive the good times? Duplicate your first meeting or first date. Look at pictures and recall happy moments that made you closer.

Let it go
You well know how much he/she loves you, even when you fight learn to forgive and forget. Say you’re sorry, and mean it, keeping ego aside, and see the instant effect on your partner’s mood. Your partner will respect you for this.

Be adventurous/creative
Plan day trips or outings with your partner once in a while. Try something new, surprise your partner with an extraordinary idea you found on the internet. Work together on a project. Give advice and learn from your partner, it’s a great experience.

Compliment each other
Don’t you love it when your partner appreciates your beauty? So does he. Give frequent compliments to your partner and make them feel good. Let them know how much they mean to you. Express everything you love about your partner.

Laugh together
Crack jokes, watch your favorite comedies, or play funny games with your partner. Laughing is good for your health as well as a healthy relationship. Recall the funny moments and find happiness in small things. Make each moment memorable.

Be all ears
Be an active listener. Make sure your partner is comfortable with you in conversations. Let him speak and express his feelings. Try to understand his point of view before making your point. Solve your problems together for a happy life.

Plan a heavenly future
Most people love planning a future with their partner. Plan your next vacation, your first home or a remodel, even how to celebrate an anniversary. Involve your partner in the planning and let them decide on a few parts of your dream project.

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