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Ladies, These 5 Body Parts Will Tell You If He Is “The One”

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Ladies, These 5 Body Parts Will Tell You If He Is “The One”

Every women wants to know the signs and signals to see whether he is the one or not, but what are the signs when it comes to our body and true love. Many women listen to friends and family and then become confused, and some listen to their reprodactive organs to guide their decisions when it comes to picking the right guy. That is not the way to know if he is the one ladies and we should listen to specific body parts to understand the signals of him being the one or not. Here are 5 body parts to listen to when it comes to figuring out if he is really the one for you ladies.


Seriously listen because your heart will speak to you, and your intuition is a great indicator to whats happening around you. When ever you are in the arms of this man your heart can pick up the his true intentions. A sensitive organ and truthful warning if he is not the one can come from your heart. Notice how your body is reacting to his energy, you’ll feel it. Is the energy empowering you are damaging you in anyway?


You know how some people say ” I have a gut feeling” or “he gives me butterflies in my stomach” makes sense because yes the stomach speaks when it comes to love. Science has discovered, that being in love is like being high on cocaine. You should not feel sick or bad when around him then he may not be the one for you.


Do you know that according to BBC News, love can make a person have blur vision, hence the saying “love is blind”. We began to not see the bad characters in someone because we become blindly in love. This could be dangerous and can cause us to get involved with a wrong romance. I know many women looking for love tend to overlook certain things because they really want the whole fairy tale, but ladies lets be strong and real.


The scent of his body is important to pay attention to, when it comes to knowing if he’s your guy, truly. The fact is there are biological and genetic reasons why you can’t get enough of your boyfriends scent. I remember when I was dating my now husband, I would love his smell when he came from his labor job. This is because molecules called the major histocompatibility complex influences the genetic makeup of the immune system, which include body odor.

The more attractive someone smells to you, the more they are genetically compatible with you. This is according to Psychologist Rachel Herst.

Ladies, if you don’t like his smell, whether he has showered or not then, he may not be the one. Funny tip, he has to smell delicious to you always, hehe.


When your boyfriend is talking to you do you tilt you head to the side. If you lean your head toward the shoulder this means submissiveness, and harmlessness, David Givens says, from the Center for Nonverbal Studies. Watch his head as well because in friendship, a tilted head means rapport, in dating it means flirtatiousness. When the head tilts it is a gesture of gentleness and warmth and that says so much.

In summary there are ways to know if he is the one or not, in this world we should grab all we can to be sure you don’t end up with a dart board with his picture on it.

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