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10 Alternative Uses For Nail Polish

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10 Alternative Uses For Nail Polish

10 Alternative Uses For Nail Polish

Every girl enjoys painting their nails beautiful colors to accessorize their outfit. What else can nail polish be used for? Today we will explore ten different ideas that you might not have thought about for your nail polish.

10 Alternative Uses For Nail Polish cover

• Envelopes
Hate licking envelopes? Want to avoid becoming like George’s fiancé on Seinfeld? Try putting a coating of clear polish over the glue for such a tight seal that not even steam will open it.

10 Alternative Uses For Nail Polish

• Shoe Scuffs
All the scuffs that end up on your shoes are very distasteful. Use polish to match the color and fill in the scratches. Make sure to cover with a clear coat to prevent any future damage.

10 Alternative Uses For Nail Polish 1

• Threading Needles
Sometimes licking a thread to get it through those tiny needle eyes is not enough. Try adding some polish to the end of the thread as it hardens threading a needle becomes simple.

10 Alternative Uses For Nail Polish 2

• Stocking Runs
Having a run in your stocking is horrible, even worse is allowing it to spread. Dab a bit of polish on each end of the run and the stop its progress.

10 Alternative Uses For Nail Polish 3

• Windshield Cracks
Have you ever been driving and something flies up and nicks your windshield? Pull over in the shade and whip out some clear nail polish. Coat the crack on both sides and allow it to dry to prevent further damage.

• Salt Shaker
Salt shakers often have too many holes that allow the salt to pour to fast, leading to distasteful, salty food. Try covering a couple of the holes to make it dispense the proper amount.

• Car Scratches
All those unsightly scratches that end up on your car can be fixed with a dab of a similar color. No one will know the difference.

10 Alternative Uses For Nail Polish 5

• Bobby Pins
Take your dull regular pins and add some flair by polishing, you can even try glitter to compliment your style. Remember to only add polish to the top.

10 Alternative Uses For Nail Polish 6

• Organize Keys
Don’t spend time searching for the key you need on a chain full that all look alike when you can pull out some polish and color coordinate them to your liking.

nail polish

• Liquid Band-aid
Use clear nail polish on those tiny cuts instead of a bandage. It does the same thing as any liquid bandage you can purchase.

10 Alternative Uses For Nail Polish 8

Nail polish can have amazing uses, but today we only named a few. Be creative and discover new ways to use your favorite nail polish.

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