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What Tea You Should Be Drinking Based on Your Blood Type

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What Tea You Should Be Drinking Based on Your Blood Type!

Your blood type is essentially your own personal biochemical ID kit. While some believe it is nothing more than a letter or two, in actuality these letters are your genetic heritage and can connect you to your ancestors and show you where you come from. Not only can learning about your blood type tell you where your ancestors migrated from and to, it can also save your life. The saying you are what you bleed holds a lot of meaning, and if you do not know what you are bleeding you really know who or what you are?

There are 4 major blood types: A, B, AB, and O, each of which can be either ‘+’ or ‘-‘. While blood types and groups come in a wide range of varieties, for the sake of simplicity, these 4 major types are the ones that will be described so that you are able to grasp what your type can tell you about you and different health risks you might be susceptible to. Read on for a profile of each type and then you can understand more about your identity and also how to eat right for your type.

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The History of Your Blood Type and What Makes Those in Your Group Unique.

Your personality, your cravings, and even your health are all influenced by your blood type. Here is a profile of each of the major groups so that you can see what you have a genetic disposition for.

Type A:

Type A blood is traced back to the Great Migration from Africa to Europe and Asia. With herd being scarce, these humans became what is now known as hunter/gatherers and lived in communities rather than living the nomadic lifestyle. Since the diets of hunter gatherers were carbohydrate heavy, adaptations were made to the digestive system that made it easy to digest carbs and not animal fat and proteins.

Eating Right:

Since Type A’s are natural born vegetarians, it is extremely important for them to consume fresh, organic vegetables and grains and to limit their meat and simple carbohydrate intake. Type A’s just simply are not equipped for the meat and potato type of meal. Since they product more cortisol, type A’s are susceptible to mental exhaustion in addition to diabetes. This is why eating a healthy diet is critical.  How about tea? Jasmine, yarrow, green tea, thyme and ginger are good for them. For better functioning of the organism people with this blood type may help hawthorn, and pomegranate.

Type B:

Type B’s come from the Himalayan Mountains and were herders who were known for domesticating animals. Most commonly found in Mongolia, China, Japan, India and later in Eastern Europe, the type B blood type is one of the more balanced types. Since Type B’s were very nomadic, Type B’s can eat a good balance of meats and vegetables.

Eating Right:

If you are Type B, it is best to avoid foods like corn, lentils, wheat, tomatoes and peanuts. All of these lead to weight gain and can contribute to exhaustion. To boost your metabolism and avoid medical problems, eat green vegetables, eggs, cheese, lean meats like goat or lamb and low-fat dairy. You should avoid chicken at all costs because it can lead to stokes and immune diseases in your blood stream. The best tea for them  – the lemon balm, sage and green tea. Also suit them very well: dandelion, yarrow, thyme, leaf clover and parsley.

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Type AB:

AB is the newest and more rate blood type listed, and has a chameleon-like quality where it is more like type A or more like type B depending on other factors. Since it is a fusion of both types above, knowing about each can be helpful to learn about the features and challenges of each.

Eating Right:

Type AB’s are known to have the low stomach acid but a hankering for meat that comes from type B’s. Because of this, when AB’s consume fatty meats the body stores that fat. This is why smoked meats or those that have been cured should be avoided at all costs. Instead of eating red meat, it is recommended to stick with fish as an excellent source of protein that will boost your metabolism. This blood type loves: ginger, strawberry leaf, chamomile, pomegranate and licorice. A mixture of nettle peppermint and nettleis especially good for men. Peony, sandalwood beverages are good as well.

Type O:

Type O’s are said to be the healthiest blood type because they have a defensive immune advantage. While they are immune to many illnesses, Type O’s are susceptible to ulcers and thyroid issues that can lead to weight gain. With this being said, they are able to digest food with protein and fat much better than other groups.

Eating Right:

Type O’s are best off eating animal products and fats because they have enzymes in their intestines that metabolize the fat and cholesterol. Unfortunately, they are not so lucky with grains or other sources of simple carbs, which quickly are converted into fats. Instead of coffee, for type O’s, the green tea would suit better, especially with ginger, ginseng, bark elm, and lime.


Natural Remedies to Boost Your Blood Flow:

If you would like to boost your blood flow so that you can live a health lifestyle, there are natural remedies that can help you do just this:

1. The Coconut Rosemary Massage

It might sound like a service that is advertised by a massage therapist, but it is actual a remedy to help blood move through areas that are congested. Here is what you will need:

– Warm coconut, olive or almond oil
– Few drops of rosemary oil

Mix warm oil and rosemary oil and then massage hands, feet, ankles and other pained areas with firm strokes directed up towards the heart. This will promote better venous flow and can be followed by a warm bath. What a great excuse for relaxation.

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2. Spice Up Your Drink with Turmeric

If you are susceptible to clots and plaque in the arteries, this turmeric drink is right up your alley. Studies actually show that this drink has a similar affect to exercise. You will need:

– 1 tsp turmeric powder
– 1 tbsp of honey
– Glass of warm milk

Mix the ingredients together while milk is warm and drink twice per day. You can even add the powder to your food for more of a benefit.

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